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Accruals Collaboration via BillingPoint

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Accruals Collaboration via BillingPoint

Onit’s new Vendor Accrual Collaboration feature provides a more streamlined, collaborative, and user-friendly experience that seamlessly connects to BillingPoint. This guide provides a step-by-step overview of how to work with this accrual feature within BillingPoint.  

1. When the accrual request opens the specified Vendor Billing Contact will receive an email that looks like this (and will also see the accrual request in the BillingPoint account):

NOTE: You will receive reminder notifications until the client-specified Vendor Submission Window (the number of days the vendors will have the ability to provide accrual values) closes.   

2. To send in the requested accruals, navigate to the Accruals tab within BillingPoint. The accrual tab is both searchable and sortable, as are the accrual processes.

3. Click into the accrual process you’d like to work on; a screen like this will appear. 

Fill out the requested amounts and any comments you’d like to make. 
From there, you can submit individual accruals with the “Submit to Client” button, submit all accruals with the “Submit All Accruals” button, or click on “Save” to save your work and submit at a later date. 

4. You’re also able to bulk submit accrual values within a single Accrual Process. For bulk submissions, first download the accrual template from the accruals grid.

5. Fill out the downloaded Excel document for each accrual. 

6. Upload the accruals spreadsheet. Remember to only upload the updated, downloaded .xlsx file, define one accrual per matter per row, and double-check matter names and numbers.  

7. Review the accruals for accuracy and make any needed corrections. 

8. Once you’re satisfied, submit the accruals to the client. 

Important Things to Remember

  • Accruals left blank in the bulk upload template will not be processed. 

  • Invoices are associated with an accrual (as available) upon submission; the client can implement billing rules related to accruals to apply errors or warnings to invoices.  

  • If you fail to submit an accrual value within the submission window, the client user is given an opportunity to provide a value on your behalf during the Client Review Window. 

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