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Adding a New Timekeeper

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1. Within the Master Settings, under the Timekeeper tab on the top blue bar, select either New Timekeeper or Manage Account Timekeepers.

2. If you chose Manage Account Timekeepers, then click the New button.

3. Complete the New Timekeeper form with the timekeeper’s information. Anything with a red asterisk is required (note: Date Bar Passed and Year First Practiced Law are only required if the timekeeper is a law graduate).

4. After the timekeeper is added in the New Timekeeper form, they will be listed as an account timekeeper. Don’t stop here, there is another step to get an approved rate to bill a client.

5. Next, switch to your client specific account view.

6. Under the Timekeeper tab on the top blue bar, select Manage Client Rates.

7. Click the New Rate button.

8. Fill out the New Client Timekeeper Rate form. You will have to select your timekeeper from the account timekeeper list where they were just added. Fill out the required fields (note: the effective date should be prior to any time that will be billed). If your client utilizes custom Staff Classifications, they will be available in the dropdown for selection. Click send for the timekeeper to be sent to the client for approval.

9. On the client timekeeper list, you will then see the new timekeeper listed with a rate in the Pending Rate column.

10. Once the client has approved the rate, the rate will then show in the Approved Rate column and you can bill for that timekeeper at that rate.

Information for Matter Level Timekeeper Rates can be found here.

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