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Resubmitting A Disputed Invoice

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1. When the client disputes an invoice, they should leave a comment indicating the reason for the dispute. An email notification with the comment will be sent to the Billing Contact for your account. The comments can also be seen within the system. To view the comments, open the invoice by clicking on its number. The total count of comments on an invoice can be seen in the comments column.

2. The comment(s) will be visible below the invoice header information.

3. To make edits to the invoice, choose the Edit Invoice button.

4. The popup will explain that after edits are saved, previous invoice  validation errors will still be displayed. Click Send/Resubmit for the  validation rules to be rechecked and submit your invoice to your client.  Click OK on the popup to continue to invoice editing.

5. To correct any items in the invoice header click Edit Invoice Header. Header editing will then open and you can make any edits, then click Update.

6. Scroll to any line item you need to make updates to and click the pencil icon to open editing.

7. Make the changes needed and click Update. Repeat as necessary on other line items.

8. When done editing, scroll to the very bottom of the invoice and click Update to save all invoice changes.

9. Click Resubmit at the top of the invoice to send the invoice to the client.

NOTE: The client will not receive notice of your edits/corrections until you click Resubmit.

10. Alternatively, you can use the Void Invoice button to void the disputed invoice and then upload or create a new version of the invoice and submit.

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