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VAT Tax Invoices

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VAT Invoice Requirements

Invoices which are subjected to VAT, should contain the following set of fields:

  • Date of Issue
  • Unique sequential number identifying the invoice
  • Customer's VAT identification number
  • Supplier's name and address (in full)
  • Customer's name and address(in full)
    • If the supplier has queries related to the customer legal entity, they should contact their client.
  • Description of quantity & type of goods supplied, or, type and extent of services rendered
  • Date of transaction of payment (if different from the invoice date)
  • VAT Rate applied
  • VAT Amount payable
  • Breakdown of VAT amount payable by VAT rate or exemption
  • Unit price of goods or services - exclusive of tax, discounts or rebates (unless included in the unit price)

Marking an Invoice as VAT

For LEDES Invoice File uploads, toggle the VAT option during the upload of the invoice.

For a Manual Invoice the VAT checkbox should be checked at the top of the invoice header when the invoice is created in BillingPoint.

Rejected VAT Invoices

If a client disputes a VAT invoice, vendors will have the following options for a disputed invoice:

1. Void invoice: it will void the invoice.

2. Void and copy invoice: it will void the current invoice and create a draft copy of it for the user to edit and submit.

3. Void and upload invoice: it will void the current invoice and allow user to upload a corrected LEDES invoice.

When the user opts for a void and copy (or upload), the subsequent invoices will reference the original voided invoice and carry a revision number. The user can see the version information in the invoice Audit History of related invoices.

  •  Any new invoice that is being submitted for the first time will have a revision number 1.
  •  If the user voids a revision 1 invoice and creates a copy, or uploads an invoice, it will be given the revision number 2.
  •  If the revision 2 invoice is disputed and the user opts to void and submit once again (by copying or uploading) it will be given the revision number 3; and so on.
  •  All revised versions of an invoice track back to the original invoice that was denoted as the revision 1. The Audit History of original and subsequent invoice revisions will keep track of all the revisions. This is specific to the ‘Void and Copy Invoice’ functionality only. 

Every VAT invoice gets a digital signature appended to it upon first submission. The integrity of an invoice can be validated at any point in time to verify whether it was modified after first submission.

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