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Fixed Fee Invoicing

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1. To submit a Fixed Fee invoice, the matter should be set up with a Fixed Fee fee arrangement (for most clients). This is visible by going to the Billing Authorizations tab and clicking on the matter number. If the matter is not assigned as Fixed Fee, please contact your client directly to have this changed.

2. A “None” timekeeper is also required within your account to submit a Fixed Fee line invoice. Navigate to the account Master Settings.

3. From here, search “None” in the search box. (If the None timekeeper already exists, skip to step #6.)

4. Select “New” to begin creating the “None” Timekeeper. (If the None timekeeper doesn't already exist.)

5. Fill in the form as shown below and then click Create Timekeeper.

Note: If using a LEDES file, the Timekeeper Name is “None”, the Timekeeper ID is “None” and the Staff Classification is “NP” for this timekeeper. A sample LEDES file can be downloaded below.

6. If you are not using a LEDES file, select the Invoices tab on the blue taskbar and select New Invoice.

7. Complete the required fields for the invoice header.

8. Add 1 fee line item. You will select the timekeeper “None” from the dropdown as the timekeeper for the line item. The cost should be the amount of your fixed fee and the quantity should be 1.

Note: this timekeeper will be listed as unapproved. For most clients, the None timekeeper does not require a rate to be submitted for approval. This unapproved message can be disregarded.

9. Add attachments needed by choosing Browse. You can add as many attachments as needed using the Add Attachment button.

10. Send your invoice or Save as Draft.

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