Matter Level Timekeepers

by Christina Moore Updated Apr 09, 2020

These instructions only apply to matters with a Matter Level Timekeepers fee arrangement.

Submitting Matter Level Timekeeper Rates

1. The primary Billing Contact will receive an email notification of the new matter.

2. Sign into BillingPoint and choose the Billing Authorizations tab, find the matter assigned, it will be listed with a status of Pending. Click on the matter number (in blue) to open the submission form.

3. Select each timekeeper that will work on the matter and enter their matter specific rate. Add as many timekeepers as needed using the Select Another Timekeeper button. Click Send to submit to the client (or Save As Draft if you are not ready to submit).

NOTE: If you need to add a timekeeper to the matter that is not yet created in BillingPoint, select the Create New Timekeeper button (see Adding a new Timekeeper for further instructions).

4. The status will show Pending Approval after it has been submitted. The client approver will receive notification of the submission.

5. Once approved, the firm billing contact will receive an email notification letting them know their matter is available for invoice submission. The matter will also display with the status Approved.

Requesting Changes To Add Additional Staff to the Matter or Increase Timekeeper Rate(s)

1. Click on the matter number to open the matter Billing Authorization.

2. Click on Request a Change. An alert will appear letting you know that the current Billing Authorization will be closed, click OK.

NOTE: Once the previous authorization is closed, you will not be able to submit invoices to this matter until the new authorization is approved.

3. The New Billing Authorization form will appear. You need to enter the reason for the requested change, then make your changes (add any additional timekeepers that will bill on the matter and their matter specific rates or adjust the matter specific rate of any of the current timekeepers), and then click Send (or Save As Draft).

4. The client has to then approve the requested change; once it is approved you can submit your invoice(s).

Adding a New Timekeeper

1. Select the Create New Timekeeper button from the Billing Authorization Form.

2. Complete the required fields on the pop-up and choose Create Timekeeper.

3. The timekeeper will then be available for selection as a Matter Level Timekeeper.

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