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Credit Invoice/Credit Memo

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A sample credit LEDES file is available below; otherwise, you can use these instructions to build a credit invoice/credit memo directly in the system.

1. Select your client from the Client dropdown menu.

2. Choose Create Manual Invoice from the Invoices tab on the top blue bar. Or choose the Create Manual Invoice button at the top of your Invoices list.

3. Complete the required fields for the invoice header. We recommend beginning your Invoice Number with Credit. The project/matter you select should be the matter the credit is being applied to.

4. Add either 1 fee or 1 expense line (use fee if the credit is a fee credit or expense if the credit is an expense credit). List the cost as $0 and the quantity as 1.

5. Add a discount line item for the amount of your credit (as a negative value), choose either fee discount or expense discount based on the type of line you added above. This will result in a negative invoice total for the amount of the credit.

6. You can add attachments if needed using the Add Attachment button. When you are ready to submit, click Send at the bottom of the invoice, otherwise click Save As Draft until you are ready to submit it.

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