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Bookmarking BillingPoint

by Dana Edel Updated Sep 24, 2019

If you use BillingPoint frequently, you might find it useful to create a browser shortcut, or bookmark, for it.

To do this, navigate to your BillingPoint sign-in screen.  Once you're there, if you're in a Windows environment you type control-d; on a Mac, command-d (⌘-d).

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome


Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, a window pops up:

IE favorites popup.png

Click "Add", and the bookmark will be placed in your favorites.

To access the bookmark, open a new browser window then click the star in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring up a window with your saved bookmarks:

BP link in favorites.png

Click on "BillingPoint" and you will be taken to your signin screen.

If you browse with a favorites bar already open, at the left of the bar there is a little star.

Add to favorites bar button.png

Clicking on the star will add your current location to the bar:

Favorites bar after BP is added.png

And now you can get to BillingPoint simply by clicking the link in the bar.

(To open the favorites bar, right-click on the title bar of the browser window, then select "Favorites".) 


Using FireFox, the bookmark creation window looks like this under Windows:

Firefox windows popup.png

And on a Mac is similar:

Firefox mac popup.png

Google Chrome

Google Chrome looks like this:

Chrome added bookmark.png

To access the bookmark, click the three lines at top right, then mouseover "Bookmarks", and select your bookmark from the menu:

Access chrome bookmark.png

Also, when you create a new tab in Chrome, it will have bookmarks in the upper left, and you can simply click on BillingPoint there.

BP new tab link.png 


And in Safari, there's a simple popup:

Safari popup.png

Which puts the link in the browser window bar:

Safari favorites bar link.png 

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