Requesting New Client Timekeeper Rates (Bulk Upload)

by Dana Edel Updated Sep 24, 2019

1. Within the Client Timekeepers list, choose Download.

2. On the pop-up you can choose if you want all account timekeepers included by checking the box, then select Download Client Rates.

3. You will receive a downloaded Excel document with all your current timekeepers (with pending or approved rates) for that client. You can remove any rows of timekeepers that do not require updates.

4. Update any needed information EXCEPT the client timekeeper ID and the timekeeper ID. All required fields must be completed for re-upload, even if they are currently blank. IMPORTANT: for timekeeper IDs with leading zeros, the timekeeper ID field MUST be formatted as a TEXT field for upload.

5. Complete columns T & U with the proposed rate and the effective date for that proposed rate. You can add any comments to the rate request in column V.

6. Save your changes. Your file must be an .xlsx file.

7. Choose Upload within the Client Timekeepers list.

8. On the pop-up, browse for your file, and then select Upload Client Rates.

9. You will receive a success message if the upload was successful. If you receive errors, correct your file and begin again with step #6.

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