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BillingPoint Release Notes - December 2023

by Dana Edel Updated on

What's New

  • Accruals Collection in BillingPoint (Client must enable this feature)
  • Client/Vendor Budget Collaboration Phase 2 (Client must enable this feature)
  • On edit invoice view, a Tax Amount field for each line-item was added to show the tax total based on the entered tax rate
  • Highlight missing required fields on Timekeeper profile during client timekeeper rate request
  • Client applied spot rate is now displayed on invoice
  • Client Spot Rates page has been added to vendor BillingPoint accounts for reference
  • Listing of accepted file types now display in the attachment field on manual invoice creation
  • Fee Arrangement added as a column on the download of Invoices list
  • When emailing multiple invoice PDFs, Invoice PDF's can be sent in 1 file
  • If there is no matching data the selected criteria for data download, the error advising user of this will be displayed on the download modal, so selections are preserved
  • Numeric validation on keypress was removed to allow for entry of decimal values less than 1; the validation is now done on save

Resolved Issues

  • Invoice comments in BillingPoint are no longer displaying HTML
  • Pagination is now working on Offices, Invoices, and Clients pages
  • When a timekeeper has a voided rate with the same effective date as an approved rate, it no longer causes the 500 error
  • A tiff file is now allowed to be add as an attachment on manual invoice show page
  • When a line-item tax is added and then removed without a Tax Code selected, the invoice can now be submitted without error
  • Add Adjustment Actions are now able to be applied on copied invoices
  • Unread comment flags are now clearing properly on invoices
  • Duplicate office mapping is now working for pre-existing timekeepers
  • Jurisdiction description and Jurisdiction code are no longer getting interchanged after editing a tax code mapping
  • Vendor can now make a copy of a copied invoice, where the original invoice was deleted
  • Invoices sorting based on the invoice submission date is now accurate
  • Send email to another BillingPoint user to reset their password is no longer erroring
  • On New User page, 'undefined' placeholder no longer appears in the name field
  • On Download of Billing Authorizations, if there is no matching data for the selected criteria, we are now displaying an error rather than downloading a blank file
  • LEDES XML file header discount codes will now be processed when provided in the `disc_cred_note` field per LEDES formatting requirements
  • On Client Timekeeper Rate Request page, the required field tooltip is now correctly displaying when user tries to submit a rate request without all mandatory fields
  • In Google Chrome, on the Create/Edit Timekeeper Page, the "Resume" button is now clickable
  • 'Undo this action' when archiving invoices no longer requires a refresh to update
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