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ELM Release Notes - September 2022

by Dana Edel Updated on

What’s New for Clients

  • Endpoint added to allow API call to get Invoice PDF Attachment from BillingPoint into field on ELM Invoice record
  • Email of PDF invoice copies: custom option now includes selections to contain warnings, invoice comments (both internal & external), fee arrangement, and approval history
  • Sanitize dynamic HTML settings enabled
  • Invoice Alert Message for client when AFA (Fixed Fee/Hourly Capped) value is exceeded
  • Invoice New View line-item comments updates
    • Line item comments count now displayed in unique column on line item
    • Count is clickable to show full line item comment thread and add new comment
    • Comment number is bold when there is a new comment from the vendor
    • Comment thread can be collapsed down
  • Fiscal Calendar Functionality
    • Fiscal Year, Fiscal Period, Fiscal Month apps under ELM Configuration Settings
    • Fiscal Setup Wizard, with ability to copy/replicate year over year
    • Fiscal Tracking Date field on ELM Configuration Settings
    • Invoices tied to all levels of Fiscal Calendar based on the Fiscal Tracking Date*
  • Accrual Enhancements
    • Accrual process allows for multiple spreadsheets to be submitted, where the most recently received Accrual Amount always wins (even if it is 0, but not if it is blank)
    • Do not create Monthly Accrual Request (MAR) atoms to initiate the accruals process. Instead, generate the Accrual Spreadsheet based directly on the VATM records that meet the requirements to be included in the process
    • When a populated Accrual Spreadsheet is received, the Monthly Accrual Request atoms are created for any non-blank rows
    • In the export, the “Accrued” column is highlighted with a blue background
    • Invoices are fully related to Monthly Accrual Request
    • Once an invoice is Voided, the invoice is no longer be associated to the Accrual
  • Invoice Appeals Functionality
    • Client option to enable vendor invoice adjustment appeals, set maximum number of appeals per invoice, and set the number of days an invoice is with the vendor for appeals
    • Initial invoice approver has the option to send an adjusted invoice back to vendor for appeal or acknowledgement of adjustments

* Invoices will be associated to the Fiscal Calendar when they are first approved/rejected - not when they initially land. We also have Daily Schedule running nightly to associate any invoices missed during a given day to their applicable Fiscal Calendar.

Resolved Issues

  • Corrected issue where Appeals countdown message was incorrectly showing in production
  • A bug in the liquid of VATM Reopen Condition where the date comparison was not working correctly has been resolved
  • Close Matter App: Rename "Update Matter Disposition - ASYNC (CCA)" to "Update Matter Disposition (CCA)", as it is not async
  • BAR App: Remove Test Mode from "psb_new_comment" action
  • BAR App: Rename Budget App Panel to "Billing Authorization" to match iFrame shown
  • Allocation App: Delete unused "Generate Document" button
  • In Vendor Assignment to Matter Reopen Condition, fixed bug in the liquid where the date comparison was not working correctly
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