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BillingPoint Release Notes - February 2024

by Dana Edel Updated on

What's New

  • Ability to add an attachment on Client Timekeeper Rate Request
  • Bulk upload review page added for the Matter Level Timekeeper fee arrangement
  • Added collapsibility of subsections in audit histories
  • Closed matters can still be viewed on historical accruals process where accruals were submitted
  • Billing Authorizations default tab updated to ‘Matter Rates’ for Matter Level Timekeeper Rate fee arrangement
  • When timekeeper rate requests are submitted in bulk, submission is sent in batches on the backend to reduce errors
  • System now utilizes the Money Gem for use in currency rounding
  • Integration with eBillingHub now uses APIs of the new LEDES workflow
  • Tiered Volume Discounts (TVD) 2.0

Resolved Issues

  • On New Client Timekeeper Rate page, the tooltip for missing fields is now in order according to highlight for missing required fields
  • Billing Authorization page no longer shows an error page after performing an export and then search
  • Timekeeper rate attachment field no longer displays when allow attachments is disabled
  • Unarchive Billing Authorizations is now functioning
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