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ELM Release Notes - August 2023

by Dana Edel Updated on

What’s New

  • Client/Vendor Budget Collaboration
  • Invoice New View Updates
    • Invoices with large number of line-items (500+) now properly load
    • Moved line-item tax section positioning closer to applicable line-item on Invoice New View
    • Line-item more/less toggle on Invoice New View now only shows for line-items with descriptions longer than 2 lines.
    • Inform client users that the Invoice Old View will be deprecated, leaving only Invoice New View 3.0 redesign
    • Instructions added on the Line-Item Comments to Vendor popup
  • Log "send PDF" into invoice audit history
  • Introduced Job Monitor to assist with monitoring Job Log and Daily Schedule runs and alert of issues
  • Vendor BillingPoint account disabled reason can now be passed to ELM for client use

Resolved Issues

  • A notification is now sent to the approver when a rejected timekeeper rate is resubmitted
  • Closed matters are getting no longer being displayed in the "My Open Matters" widget  
  • When an EPD is available for an invoice and the full amount minus EPD is paid, the correct notification is now being sent
  • Timekeeper Rate Approval and Disputed notifications no longer display the "Reason" text repeated
  • TVD checkbox is now utilizing the TVD settings for the Fee Arrangement/Matter Type and checking/unchecking accordingly
  • TVD warning message no longer displays on VATM launch/view even when matter is eligible for TVD and/or TVD checkbox is checked
  • "Discount Rules Makes Use Of The Following Date" field is now being used to calculate if EPD is eligible
  • “Total Discount Amount” on the invoice Details tab and the Invoice Summary header widget now consider EPD/TVD correctly in the calculation
  • Client invoice view is now rounding correctly

Know Issues

  • https://onit.atlassian.net/browse/BIL-23774
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