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BillingPoint Release Notes - December 2021

by Christina Moore Updated on

What's New for Vendors

  • When the "Check if this timekeeper is a law graduate" checkbox is checked, the 'Graduation Date' field will display. This field is not required to add or edit a timekeeper.
  • Line item comment count in line item column has been added for Vendors on Invoices. When clicked, vendors can view all comments pertaining to that invoice from client and vendor sides 

What's New for Clients

  • Early/Speedy Pay and Tiered Volume discounts applied to invoices can now be based on the Net Fee amount as a configurable option, not just Gross Fee (Billed Fee) amount. Net Fee amount is the Gross Fee without the Fee Adjustment, Fee discount and taxes. The default for the Early/Speedy Pay and Tiered discount calculations will remain based on the Gross Fee amount.
  • Invoice exports (PDFs) will now be in the same currency as the currency selected from the invoice page by the client, and not restricted to the invoice currency only. 
  • In the Invoice New View, users can now copy and paste attachment file names in the Details section of the Invoice App.  
  • In the Invoice New View, the secondary sort option added to line items displayed on an invoice.
  • In the Invoice New View, on hover of the line item totals, system will now display full numerical values of Line Item totals and Adjustment amounts, and not cut off the values with ellipses. 
  • The following fields have been added to the Invoice summary tabs:
    • Spend to Date
    • Year to Date
  • Clients can now add comments per line item for their colleagues in house and vendors to see and response to.
  • On quick and custom PDF the following enhancements have been made:
    • Timekeeper name and ID will now show in the Fee section of the invoice PDF document
    • Timekeeper ID will display alongside the full name column
    • Staff Class column has been changed to Timekeeper Class on the Timekeeper section
    • System will now display full invoice number on all PDF exports
    • Invoice Line Item number are not available on PDF exports

Resolved Client Issues

  • In the Invoice New View, the horizontal scroll bar has been removed so the data of the invoice including the totals of Fees and Expenses can be viewed without scrolling to the right. 
  • Behavior for Drag and Drop for tab columns now more user friendly.
  • Timekeeper names are now displayed on hover in the Timekeeper column of the Fee section.
  • Invoice Show page now displayed in full view, not fixed width.
  • If a vendor is not assigned a Tiered Volume Discount tier the system will show the following warning message: "Tiered Volume Discount Tier Not Found. To utilize Tiered Volume Discount for the vendor, ensure that missing Tier information is provided." 
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