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BillingPoint Release Notes - November 2022

by Dana Edel Updated on

What's New

  • New Fee Arrangement: Flat Fee by Task Code (assigned by the client)
  • Rails Upgrade from 5.2 to 6.1
  • Practice Area is now captured on Timekeeper Profile
  • Timekeeper Rate Requester email is now captured on submission of a timekeeper rate request
  • Vendor user is now required to confirm default rate is correct when submitting a new timekeeper rate request
  • The number of clicks for a BillingPoint user to appeal an invoice has been reduced

Resolved Issues

  • When clicking on file for downloading, there is now consistent file naming
  • Pagination is now working after performing bulk actions
  • Invoice pop ups formatting have been corrected
  • JPY invoice line item taxes no longer display decimals on quick PDF
  • While calculating the invoice total the discount amount was converted to two-digits after the decimal point but the total fee was saved with max 6 digits after the decimal point. The discount is now being saved with the maximum of 6 digits after the decimal point. (December 8, 2022 Point Release)
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