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Vendor Accrual Collaboration via BillingPoint - November 2023

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Accrual Cadence:the repeated frequency with which accruals will be requested

Vendor Accrual Submission Window: the number of days the vendors will have the ability to provide accrual values

Client Review Window: the number of days the client reviewers will have the ability to review/edit/approve accrual values

Department Accrual Process: the record for a cadence specific accrual request that contains all vendors included in the accrual process

Vendor Accrual Process: the record for a vendor containing all matters on which accruals have been requested for a given Department Accrual Process

Accrual Request: the accrual value for a single matter/vendor for the requested cadence; there are n number of Accrual Requests on a single Vendor Accrual Process

Accruals Admin: User Group for client users that need access to review/approve all submitted vendor accruals

Accrual Settings

The Accrual Settings will be configured during implementation; Accrual Settings is a child app of ELM Configuration Settings. They will set the default for the corporation but some of these can be adjusted at the individual VATM level.

  • Accrual Cadence
  • Accrual Calendar
  • Accrual Collection Dates (Annual, Periodic, and Monthly)
  • Vendor Accrual Submission Window
  • Client Review Window
  • 3 Notification Reminders (number of days before the end of the submission window when vendor should receive a reminder notice)
  • Additional Accrual Access Role Name (the value in this field should represent the Matter Participant Role which will be given access to the Matter Accruals screen in addition to the Matter Manager)
  • Who Should Be Notified of Submitted Accruals (roles to be notified of submitted Accruals for review)

Requesting an Accrual from a Vendor

  1. During the Vendor Assignment to Matter process, the user can choose to request the vendor to provide accruals on the matter using the “Require Accruals For Matter” field.
  2. If “Require Accruals For Matter” is set to yes, the user will then see the “Accrual Cadence” field. This field will default to the cadence set in the Accrual Settings but can be edited if the VATM accruals should be collected at a different cadence.
  3. When the next scheduled date for the selected accrual cadence occurs, the vendor will receive an email notification alerting them to enter their accruals via BillingPoint.
  4. If there is an open Accrual Process for the selected cadence when the vendor is assigned, that matter will automatically be included in the existing Accrual Process.

If the accrual is not requested during the Vendor Assignment to Matter, the above-mentioned fields can be edited VATM record.

BillingPoint Accrual Entry

  1. Accrual Process will appear on the new Accruals tab within BillingPoint.
  2. The Accrual tab is both searchable and sortable.
  3. Accrual Processes are both searchable and sortable.
  4. Vendors have the ability to bulk submit accrual values within a single Accrual Process.
  5. The user can download the accrual template and then upload the values via bulk submission.
  6. The uploaded template will be checked for valid data and formatting; if the file is invalid the user will receive a list of errors.
  7. Valid accrual templates will be uploaded, and the accruals values can be reviewed before submitting (or saved as draft).
  8. Accruals left blank in the template will not be processed.
  9. Vendors also have the ability to manually submit accrual values for a single matter at a time directly within BillingPoint.
  10. Vendors will receive reminder notifications, at the timeline set in Client Accrual Settings, leading up to the closure of the submission window.

Accrual Audit Histories are captured in BillingPoint.

Invoices are associated to an accrual (as available) upon their submission; the client can choose to implement billing rules related to accruals to apply errors or warnings to invoices.

Accrual Review

  1. The designated client users will receive a notification that the Client Review Window is open and there are pending accruals.
  2. The user will be directed to the Vendor Accrual Process records to view a listing of all matters on which accruals were requested from the vendor during that Accrual Process.
  3. Client users can bulk approve or approve single matter accrual values.
  4. Client users can also edit accrual values that were provided by the vendor,
  5. If the vendor fails to submit an accrual value within the submission window, the client user is given an opportunity to provide a value on the vendors’ behalf during the Client Review Window.
  6. At the end of the Client Review Window, any Accrual Request record with a value (regardless of if the value is marked as Approved) will be accepted.
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