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BillingPoint Release Notes - Dec. 2020

by Christina Moore Updated on

What's New for Vendors

New LEDES Workflow has now officially replaced the Old LEDES Workflow

In BillingPoint, the new LEDES workflow which includes a cleaner user interface and optimized performance will now be the only way to submit LEDES files for vendors.

Improved Manual Invoice Submission

In BillingPoint, the following changes have been made for the manual invoice creation to enhance the user interface and user experience:

  • Displaying the overall fields in a more intuitive manner
  • Providing the ability to add tax and discount to a line item and including those in the invoice section subtotals and total
  • Incorporating more meaningful and descriptive verbiage in the labeling:
    • Office label changed to "Billing Office."
    • Send button text changed to "Submit to Client."
    • VAT checkbox under Matter Field description changed from: “Is this invoice subject to VAT processing rules ( e.g. Does the invoice contain VAT for the EU).” to: “This invoice is subject to VAT compliance rules.”
  • Improving error handling and performance when adding new line items.
  • Manual invoice submission page has been expanded to provide more screen real estate and to allow for a wider text area in the Fee and Expense line item “Description” fields.
  • The system will now display an error when an invalid file type has been uploaded. The error reads as follows: 

    • “The file has invalid file type. Please upload the file with the following file types: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, tif, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, rtf, txt, xml.”

  • Users can now add Tax column to Fee and Expense line items while in the initial stage of creating the invoice.
  • Users can now add Discount column to a line item while in the initial stage of creating the invoice.

What's New for Clients

  • In Onit and BillingPoint, the user who initiated the sending of the invoice PDF export email will be represented in the new Sent By field.
    • When replying to emails from the system, the original sender's email address is now listed in the cc field and [email protected] in the To line.
  • We've added a new checkbox in the Client Fee Arrangement Edit Setting in the Lock Rate on Matter dropdown called Use Client Approved Rate for Validation. This checkbox will validate the billed rate against the client approved rate if the lock rate is not available.

Resolved Vendor Issues

  • The system will display a more helpful error message when a legal entity is missing.
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