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BillingPoint Release Notes - July 2021

by Christina Moore Updated on

What's New for Vendors

  • The Close BAR button is now hidden on the Edit BAR page for matters with fee arrangements to prevent accidental closure.
  • When creating or editing a vendor, the office Country and City Fields are now required. If the Country selected is United States, the State Field will also be required.

What's New for Clients

  • BillingPoint Admins can now restrict when Fee Arrangement Rules run.
    • If the "Restrict when this rule runs" checkbox is unchecked, the rule will always be evaluated.
    • When the "Restrict when this rule runs" checkbox is checked, the Liquid box must be populated and the rule will only be evaluated when the Liquid returns 'true'.
  • To ensure proper calculations across all environments the 'client_base_total_fee_spend' is now utilized for determining total fee spend for TVD calculation purposes.
  • Long invoice numbers are now wrapped for invoice 1.0 PDFs and the invoice 1.0 view.
  • Adjustment reasons are now sorted alphabetically on the invoice review page for easier reading.
  • All references to Hours (hrs) and Rate have been changed to Hours/Units (hrs/units) and Rate/Unit Cost. No changes will be made to "Effective Rate".

Resolved Vendor Issues

  • When timekeepers are created in Master Settings they are displayed under the Active tab. Now Deleted timekeepers will show under the deleted tab.
  • Archiving a Timekeeper for one client will no longer archive the same Timekeeper for other clients.
  • The Unique Invoice Number rule now trims white space to prevent duplicate invoice numbers.

Resolved Client Issues

  • Matters no longer disappear when selecting a header for an Invoice header edit.
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