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BillingPoint Release Notes - July 2023

by Dana Edel Updated on

What's New

  • Client/Vendor Budget Collaboration (Client must enable this feature)
  • Bulk Matter Level Timekeeper Upload
    • Ability to download Matter Level Timekeeper template and upload for bulk submission
    • Uploaded template will be checked for validation
    • Uploaded timekeeper rates can be reviewed before submitting
    • After upload, user is navigated to Billing Authorizations tab, the matters for which rates were upload are highlighted
  • The Net Invoice Amount field is now available in liquid for billing rule use
  • Pendo code has been updated to exclude vendor users
  • New billing rule available to allow client to set limit on attachment file size
  • Ability for client to add a bypass to the 'max timekeeper hours' based on timekeeper staff class
  • New billing rule available to allow clients to limit the number of invoices accepted to a matter within a time-period
  • Width of all BillingPoint pages has been expand to full screen and is dynamic
  • Log "send PDF" into invoice audit history

Resolved Issues

  • Timekeeper rule error message on invoice is now displaying the proper message
  • Timekeeper search is now returning proper results
  • “Not a Number” error is no longer occurring on invoice adjustments where the line-item quantity was 0
  • Timekeepers can now be recovered from Archived
  • LEDES files can no longer be uploaded for disabled office through API integrations
  • When a fee arrangement is blank for a Billing Authorization the grid will no longer display an error
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