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ELM Release Notes - March 2023

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What’s New

  • Bulk Invoice Approval Enhancements: Provides ability to approve multiple invoices at one time via My Pending Invoices.
    • Bulk Approval option now available on dashboard of Invoices App.
      • When the bulk action is selected, a launch form provides the user an option to add a comment (optional).
      • This comment is added to all invoices that are selected.
      • When the form is submitted, the App creates a related transaction in the Bulk Invoice Approval App.  This initiates the invoice approval process.
    • Email notification is sent to the Invoice Approver with details of the batch process, when the process completes.
    • Invoice Approver can view the status of all (current/past) bulk invoice approvals that were triggered via the new Invoice Bulk Approval App.
      • Total number of invoices selected for approval in each batch.
      • Invoices that were successfully approved.
      • Invoices that failed during the approval process.
      • Invoices that were skipped because they were previously selected by another batch.
    • Added “Bulk Approval” flag to hide invoices in the invoice widget during the bulk approval process (to prevent duplicate approval).  
    • Client Invoice Reviewer can now view on the Invoices Dashboard if an invoice contains no warning to assist in the selection of invoices for bulk approval.
    • Client Invoice Reviewer can now view on the Invoices Dashboard if an invoice contains no adjustments to assist in the selection of invoices for bulk approval.
  • Client Timekeeper Rate Reviewer will now receive the approval notifications as specified below:
    • Added a field in ELM config for "timekeeper approver(s)" for new timekeeper rate requests.
    • The approver(s) will receive one daily digest email for newly submitted timekeepers from that day.
      • Daily notices are sent Mondays - Fridays only with weekend submissions included on Monday.  If there are no new TK rates that day, then the email is not sent.
  • Notification created to send request to vendor billing contacts to provide their annual timekeeper rates for review.
    • Notification includes instructions, and a link to vendor’s BillingPoint, to download/re-upload timekeeper template required to submit rate requests.
    • Users can send request to:
      • One vendor
      • A subset of vendors
      • All vendors.
  • Invoice New View
    • For Monthly Retainer invoices, the adjustment column in Monthly and Matter widgets is now visible.
    • Line-item descriptions in the comment popup are now visible at the top of Invoice New View.
    • Hover over functionality now available for UTBMS code description to display on Invoice New View.
    • Unread indicator on invoice alerts is now available on Invoice New View.
    • Line-item comment box size now adheres to the size of the comment text on Invoice New View.
  • Custom PDF options now exclude alerts or adjustments on the PDF if those sections are not selected.
  • Editing the “Sent By” when Send Invoice PDF is used, now displays within the body of the email message in addition to CC.
  • TK Rate Review iFrame Styling updates with full page (reactive) sizing and colors updated.
  • Vendor submitted rate is now captured on Timekeeper Rate (Timekeeper Rate Adjustment) field.
  • Allocation Application condition to “Update amount” button is now added.
  • “Include in Recents” is now disabled from the Settings page of the following apps:
    • Allocation
    • Billing Authorization Requests
    • Contact Involvement to Matter
    • Group Preference
    • Security Groups
    • Sync Data App
    • User Profiles
    • Invoice Payment.
  • Matter App fields, matter_participants and matter_participants_bson, are now recalculated based on participant adding or deleting BRs in ELM.
  • Tool Tip now added to remind user to manually update Invoice Tracking Date field in BillingPoint.
  • Added Tool Tip to Invoice Summary Header Widget that constantly displays to advise users the totals are not automatically refreshed.

Resolved Issues

  • Added warning message to display on invoice if AFA fixed fee exceeds the amount limit.
  • Bulk Custom Invoice PDF email option is now functional.
  • Transaction Updated Business Rules, that use changes_hash in their conditions, are now evaluating.
  • Condition for the business rule “Propagate changed Matter Name to Child App Atoms” is now updated to use changes_hash.
    • Matter name in Child Apps updates correctly when parent Matter name is changed.
  • When a matter has an allocation, invoices no longer remain in “Sending” status in BillingPoint.
  • Unnecessary currency conversions no longer cause inaccurate data client(s).
    • Calculations now use historical spot rate amount for the invoice instead of the current effective spot rate.
  • Fiscal records “Invoice Count” and “Total Spend” are now updating with invoices submitted.
  • Matter Manager is now updating on the “Matters” tab on Invoice New View.
  • Removed extra blank space from all secondary and tertiary tabs in Invoice New View.
  • Timekeper Base Rate during hover over now displays when there is a line-item discount on Invoice New View.
  • Warning message is now visible on Alerts tab within Invoice New View.
  • Alerts and Adjustment tabs in Invoice New View do not display sections with zero counts when no data is available.
  • Invoice discount line-item description is now set to an empty string to eliminate breaks that occurred in the Invoice New View.
  • Fiscal Records are now updating with invoice data for the second invoice after the first invoice has been disputed.
  • Email PDF Invoices no longer show Sent By as [email protected] “on behalf of” [email protected].
  • UI issue on Timekeeper Rate Review page is now resolved.
  • When downloading zip files attached to invoices where multiple attachments have the same filenames, all files are downloaded, and duplicate filenames are adjusted.
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