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ELM Standard Reports Release Notes - v3 October 2020

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What's New

What's New: End User (Viewer)

  • DW Refresh Date - All the Standard reports now show the DW Refresh date on the top right corner of the dashboard.
  • i18n Support for all standard reports - All the standard reports can now be localized in order to support users in different locales. This includes multiple language support, formatting of numbers, dates based on locale.

Savings Suite

  • Savings Dashboard - A high level cumulative dashboard capturing the overview of the savings realized from vendor provided discounts, reviewer and system adjustments as well as rack rate savings. 
  • Savings by Reviewer - Reviewer adjustments represent hard savings. This report offers transparency into the actions taken by invoice reviewers and identifies both high performers and coaching opportunities. 
  • Savings by Vendor - Combining both discounts and adjustments this report provides total realized savings and the percentage saved for each vendor. This report is designed to allow you to compare and discover your high and low performing vendors. 
  • Savings by Timekeeper - The addition of timekeepers adds a more granular level to a savings analysis. Grouped by Vendor and TK Class this report enables comparison of adjustments against individual timekeeper billings. 
  • Rack Rate Savings - Demonstrating the impact of rate negotiations on legal spend, this report calculates the legal expense difference between your work being done at the standard or rack rate versus the rate negotiated. 

ELM Ops Suite

  • Matter Inventory - High-level inventory reporting across all matters can help identify "hot" areas of matter growth and vendor use which may be an indicator of issues within the business and where growth in legal spend may be expected to follow. 
  • Inventory Trend - Similar to the Matter Inventory report in terms of elements this report visually adds the dimension of time allowing the customer to see how their inventory of matters has changed over time. 
  • Aging Open Matters - Designed to help the Legal Ops team solve the "classic" ELM problem of matters not being closed in a timely fashion. Languishing open matters skew inventory and workload reporting. 
  • Matter Manager Workload - Provides Legal Ops with transparency into the workload of each matter manager and identifies who may be handling too few or too many matters. 
  • Pending Invoice Aging - This report identifies where invoices sit in the review and approval process and how long invoices have been under review.  This report is especially helpful to customers who have SLAs with their vendors on invoice payments, who are using a bill review team (or Sterling for instance) or have early pay discounts in place.   

ELM Timekeeper Rate Report

  • ELM Timekeeper Rate Report - The Timekeeper Rate Report provides an analysis of the hours, fee & rates charged. Monitoring the rates provides an important comparison to the rates that were originally set. 

ELM Standard Reports

  • DW Refresh Date - All ELM Standard Reports headers now show the actual date when data was refreshed in the data warehouse. In previous versions, the date in the report header was based on the maximum of the “updated at” date in the Matters App.
  • Line Item Inactive Filter - An additional filter “Line Item Inactive” has been added to the new MTE based standard data sources. Line items marked as inactive (Line Item Inactive value of 1) in Billing Point do not get included in the data source.
  • i18n Support - All the standard reports can now be localized in order to support users in different locales. This includes multiple language support, formatting of numbers, dates based on locale.
  • Year over Year (YoY) / Year To Date (YTD) - This feature allows the users to see the YoY/YTD % increase or % decrease of the stats with the help of a filter. User can select the YoY/YTD option along with the date range and thus get to see the change in the stats.
  • Task Code  filters - Added new standard filters - Task code for report 13. Task Code and report 25. SC Grid - Task Code reports
  • Data Source Extract Refresh linked to DW refresh - The Tableau data source extract refresh are automatically triggered at the end of DW nightly refresh. This ensures that the tableau data source extracts have the latest updated data.
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