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ELM Release Notes - November 2022

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What’s New

  • New Fee Arrangement: Flat Fee by Task Code
    • Flat Fee by Code App to manage codes
      • Code listing can be downloaded for viewing/editing in Excel
      • Code listing updates can be uploaded
      • Codes can be managed in the UI
  • Budgeting Enhancements
    • Budgets (and budget details) are now entered via the Budget Setup Wizard
    • Budgets can be setup based on Calendar Year or Fiscal Year
    • Budgets can be setup for Life of Matter, Annual, Period/Quarter, or Monthly
    • Budgets can be setup for Fee/Expense or Total budget types
  • Invoice New View Updates
    • Invoice coloring and formatting updates
    • Net new comment count now available in addition to aggregate count
    • Invoice sizing now reactive to screen size
    • If there is no data within a tab or section, that tab or section is now hidden
    • Filters that have no data are now hidden
    • Search is now available in filter menus
    • Double scroll bars no longer exist
    • Invoice field labels translate when alternative language is selected in Onit
    • Values on invoice are rounded based on displayed currency specifications
    • Total counts are shown for each tab
    • Badge displays on line item comments counter to indicate new comment
  • Notification is now sent to vendor contact(s) when an invoice is paid for a lesser amount than the approved amount
  • Invoice system notifications now send to the vendor invoice submitter's email in addition to vendor contact(s)
  • Clients now have the ability to adjust the proposed timekeeper rate and then approve it
  • Vendor’s timekeeper requester is now captured into a field on the timekeeper rate request record
  • Expanded Timekeeper Data during Rate Review
    • Practice Area
    • Default Rate
    • Default Rate Effective Date
    • Location (Office Name – City, State/Prov., Country)
  • Ethnicity & gender fields have been removed as standard fields from Onit ELM
  • Appeals workflow will be available for the first approver, regardless of the role of that approver (third-party or internal) if appeals are enabled

Resolved Issues

  • Invoice Approval Date field is now being sent to the data warehouse for reporting
  • Allocation App: Disabled the evaluate calculated fields and replaced with a single recalculate action
  • When new Matter Manager is added, the Participant Added business rule that triggered an action to replace participant has been removed
  • Accruals field name misspelling is now corrected
  • Rounding issue on switching between base currency and alternate currency has been corrected
  • Horizontal scroll bar on invoice new view is now working
  • On applying filters on an invoice, line items are no longer duplicating
  • Tax Code creation is now working via iFrame
  • JPY invoice line item taxes no longer display decimals on quick PDF
  • Invoice page auto refresh on update has been removed
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