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BillingPoint Release Notes - June 2020

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Enhancements and New Features for Vendors

  • Vendors can now add Timekeeper summary information to PDF export. Timekeeper data will automatically be added in Quick PDF. In Custom PDF choose "Timekeepers" from the "Include Section" to include Timekeeper data in the export.
  • Vendors can now opt-out of Timekeeper diversity questions at the office level.

    To opt-out of diversity questions navigate to Master Settings, choose the correct office and toggle off Diversity Information. When the vendor chooses to opt out of collecting diversity information for that office, gender and ethnicity fields will show “Not Disclosed” for all the timekeepers in that office.  Additionally, diversity data Fields will be hidden in Timekeeper profiles and Timekeeper Rate forms.

Notice: Diversity Information is collected by default.

  • Sending and Submitting statuses have been added to Status Filter. Status are now in alphabetical order.

Enhancements and New Features for Clients

  • BIllingPoint has been moved from Rackspace to AWS with Elastic Search and Datadog upgrades.

Quick and Custom Email PDF Improvements

  • Users can now opt-in or opt-out of including line items Errors & Warnings in invoice Custom PDF export. Users can also select to include/exclude the errors and warnings in the invoice export by checking the Alerts checkbox.
  • When creating a Custom PDF the following sections will now be included by default: Fees, Expenses, Adjustments, Discounts, and Taxes.
  • Users can now include attachments by checking the "Attachments" checkbox in the "Email Invoice PDF's" dialog.

Resolved Vendor Issues

  • Client logos added back to the Billing Authorization page in BillingPoint Vendor accounts.

Resolved Client Issues

  • Wire instructions on the Office page has been removed to avoid confusion. We will revisit this functionality in the future to address this in a more optimal way. If interested in this feature, please let your Onit representative know.
  • When assigning a vendor to a matter, the system will display the discount checkbox as unchecked if there is no discount program with an effective date range in which the current date falls (expired discount programs or future discount programs).
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