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ELM Release Notes - November 2023

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What's New

  • Invoice New View Updates
    • Custom user settings for viewing invoices
    • Loading speed optimization
    • Line-item descriptions are selectable
    • Submission Date now listed on Invoices
    • Line-item descriptions now break to a new line at the end of a word
    • Budget field on Invoice New View updated to display new externally collected budgets
  • Timekeeper diversity data will no longer be transmitted from BP to ELM if the client has not signed an Instruction Letter; diversity reporting will still be available at the aggregate level
  • Ability for the client to adjust a timekeeper’s Effective Date when utilizing the previous functionality to adjust the Proposed Rate

Resolved Issues

  • On timekeeper rate review, when ‘Decline to Self-Identify’ is chosen in the ethnicity fields the fields will again be visible (previously they were hidden with this answer selection)
  • On Invoice Old View, the adjustment buttons are no longer overlapping each other
  • On Invoice New View, quotes are no longer getting escape in the header
  • On Invoice New View, the Matter Cumulative Summary displaying incorrect hours
  • On Invoice New View, the invoice comments in BillingPoint are no longer displaying HTML


Configuration Required - May Require Services

What’s New

  • Accruals Collection in BillingPoint
  • Client/Vendor Budget Collaboration Phase 2
    • See a full overview of the budgets feature here - Vendor Budget Collaboration via BillingPoint
    • Budgets now reopen when a matter is reopened
    • Added the ability to Initiate the Forecast workflow manually
    • Only 1 year of Internal Annual Budgets can be provided at a time (to match External Budgets)
    • Budget settings are now copied and frozen at the matter level
    • Budget settings are now used for "Invoice Total" Calculations
    • Matter Manager changes on the Matter are communicated down to the budget
    • When a budget is added for a historical year, automated forecast is disabled
    • Budget is excluded from automated forecast if Forecast Date and Submission End Date overlap
  • Invoice New View Updates
    • On duplicate line-item warning, duplicate information can be seen via a hover over pop-up
  • Capture Timekeeper Practice Area into field on Timekeeper and Timekeeper Rate records
  • Redesigned Matter Header and Invoice Header widgets; no longer utilizing the Header Widget App
  • Removal of the Vendor Header widget
  • When the matter manager is updated, communicate that change down to VATMs and all other children, grandchildren, etc. records

Resolved Issues

  • Tiered Volume Discount eligibility of an invoice is now being captured entirely from BillingPoint
  • For budgeting, the Submission End Date displayed on the budget record is now updated when a reforecast is run
  • Budget histories are now displaying correct amounts
  • Next Automated Reforecast Date no longer updates to the next year’s weekend date for annual reforecast; it updates to the closest weekday


Known Product Limitations
  • Error message displays when attempting to update public grid views for Invoice and Matter dashboards
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