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BillingPoint Release Notes - Aug. 2020

by Christina Moore Updated on

Vendors now have the option to switch between the new and old LEDES workflow.

Note: This is a temporary button and will be displayed until September 30th, 2020, we highly recommend you click the button to experience our new workflow.

What's New for Vendors

LEDES Upload Workflow Improvements

We are proud to present our improved LEDES system. We have redesigned many key pages including vendor uploads, file validations, invoice attachments, and billing rule validations. We also have improved the performance of larger files.

LEDES: File upload and file validation

  • Uploaded invoices now will be deleted from the system when a user deletes the file on Step 1 or navigates away from the screen.
  • We have significantly improved the performance of larger files and file and billing rule validations.
  • We have improved the error messaging displayed to the user when files fail.
  • Vendors now will see an error message if the LEDES upload fails due to an invalid format, unrecognized header, or currency errors (e.g., currency mismatch or currency not in BP vendor account).

LEDES: Add VAT and Attachments Improvements

  • New “Submit” toggle allows users to submit invoice to client or save the invoice as draft. The default toggle position is submit invoice to client. Users also can bulk select by toggling in the table header.

  • New Value Added Tax (VAT) column toggle allow users to switch between Include and Exclude. The default toggle position is to exclude. Users also can bulk select by toggling in the table header.

  • If a user navigates away from the page, the system will save the invoices as drafts and will store the attachments.
  • Users now will see a submission message to inform them that when the invoices pass validation, they will be submitted to the client.
  • There is a new Attachments column with drag and drop functionality.

Timekeeper Rate UI Improvements

  • Disabled clients will now be removed from the “Switch Client" menu drop down as an option.
  • Vendors can now indicate that a timekeeper rate request is based on a staff class change.
    If a client has approved the timekeeper rate previously and the vendor requests a new rate due to a staff classification change, a message will be displayed on the vendor and client side.
  • A new Field called Percent Rate Change is available on the timekeeper rate request page. This Field displays the percent increase or decrease of the current timekeeper rate and the newly proposed rate. Rates submitted in a different currency than the original rate will use the current Client spot rate conversion to determine the respective percentage change.
  • The Reason Field on the timekeeper Rate form is now labeled as Notes.

What's New for Clients

  • Improvements have been made to the Invoice page for easier reading including widening sections for widgets and description columns.
  • The adjustment bar is now sticky when scrolling through the invoice.
  • When a new timekeeper is billed on an Invoice an alert will be displayed with the timekeeper Staff Classification and Approved Rate.

Resolved Client Issues

  • The system will now lock the vendor's timekeeper rate based on the billed rate, not the effective rate.
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