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ELM Release Notes - July 2021

by Christina Moore Updated on

What’s New for Clients

  • Visual updates to the Invoice, Vendor and Matter App header widgets.

Invoice App

Vendor App

Matter App

  • In the Timekeeper Rates and Timekeepers Apps, the Requested Rate and Requested Rate (USD) field labels have been updated to be more consistent across Apps.
    • In the Timekeeper Rates and Timekeepers App Current Rate and Current Rate (USD) have been renamed Prior Rate and Prior Rate (USD) respectively.
  • New checkbox on Create Child Matter called Copy over Matter Participants. The checkbox will be checked by default.
    • When checked all Matter participants will be copied to the new child Matter.
    • When unchecked only the requester and matter manager participants will be copied over.
  • Vendor office data comes from BillingPoint and should not be changed in App Builder. Vendor office data is now read only in App Builder. These Fields are: Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Country, and Postal Code. When hovering over office Fields a message to contact the firm is provided for all empty Fields.
  • The Timekeeper Rates and Timekeeper App dashboards now display the following Fields by default: Timekeeper, Vendor, Office. Additionally, the Timekeeper Rates and Timekeeper Apps now link to the related Vendor and Vendor Office App pages.
  • Trailing Invoice Days is now hidden in Matter Summary panel.

What’s New for App Builders

  • Percent Rate Change is now available on the grid/dashboard for Timekeeper Rates. Field will display "-" when there is no prior rate.

Resolved Issues

  • The Clear Matter Manager button under More Actions in the Matter App has removed, it was only intended for internal testing.
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