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BillingPoint Release Notes - March 2022

by Christina Moore Updated on

What's New for Vendors

  • For Fee and Expense line items during manual invoice creation, the user can now clone line items. This action will clone every cell in the row, including the TK rate which will allow for greater efficiency when creating manual invoices.
  • Invoices with Yen as invoice currency will be validated to not allow for decimals places in the currency amounts (as there are no decimal place in that respective currency). [Will be released in upcoming Point Release]

What's New for Clients

  • Greater configurability and granularity added for "Exclude Diversity Info for Selected non-US Firms." This will allow for the selection of law firm non-US office countries for whom Timekeeper diversity data will not be passed over to ELM. 
  • Invoice new view enhancements:
    • Matter Number is now included in more prominent locations.
    • PO Number from assigned Law Firm is now included.
    • Add TK ID to TK section of the invoice PDF document.
    • Change Staff Class column to TK Class on the TK section.
    • Replace TK initials with TK name and TK ID in the Fee section of the invoice PDF document.
    • The Matter Name and Matter Number will show in the Invoice Tab by default.
  • Percent discount calculated field will display next to the Matter Rate when the MLTK is being entered.
  • When creating a manual invoice, the system will allow both positive and negative tax rates at the line-item level.
  • In the new LEDES workflow the LEDES XML file will allow pipe characters.
  • When the matter currency is changed, the system will update the VATM amounts.
  • On the Matter Rates tab the system will show the client "Approved Rate" to the right of the Matter rate column. This is in addition to the Timekeeper Rack Rate and Matter Rate.
  • For a matter with Fee Arrangement of MLTK, when a user creates a manual invoice for the Matter, the system will populate the TK rate with the approved MLTK TK rate.
  • System now displays a "Decline to Self Identify" option in the Gender field dropdown.
  • System now displays a "Decline to Self Identify" option in the Ethnicity field dropdown.
  • System now displays a "Non-Binary" option in the Gender field dropdown.
  • 'Pending Approval' Phase is now hidden in out of the box Matter App.
  • In the Custom and Quick PDF the Validation Warning will now include Staff Classification and Approved Rate.
  • Default PDF email subject will now include Invoice Number.
  • When the user clicks on the 'Export' button a new checkbox 'Bundle Invoices into a single zip file'. This allows users to bundle all invoices and related attachments in a zip file when 'Send' is clicked.

Resolved Vendor Issues

  • eBilling Hub now allowing user to submit invoices correctly.
  • Colors of the header rows will now match with associated rows.
  • Invoice New View now showing proper fee and expense units for line item adjustment total.
  • System will show validation message when the invoice has already been sent to the client: "You cannot send invoices with following states: sending, submitting, pending_approval, approved, partial, voided, paid and disputed."
  • System will now display "Matter has been updated!" message.
  • When the current subscription tier is "Fees Waived" the "Renewal Subscription Tier" will be "Fees Waived". The system will not allocated fees to the client when "Fee Waived" is set.

Resolved Client Issues

  • All drop down options now show correctly for the TK pop-up window.
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