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BillingPoint Release Notes - June 2022

by Dana Edel Updated on

What's New

  • Ability to make a copy of an invoice in any phase
  • Weekly digest notification email now sent to firm invoice submitter(s) for invoices requiring action (draft, failed, & disputed invoices)
  • Renamed Start and End Date on Billing Authorization to Open Date and Closed Date
  • Ability to Export Client Billing Rules into Microsoft Excel file for client review
  • New vendor-client account disable reason added - “Subscription Payment Past Due”
  • InvoiceAI Enhancements for BillingPoint Rule Setup & Introducing Tags, Reporting Groups, and Label tables
  • PO Number provided in LEDES XML file now processed into system
  • Ability to enter PO Number during manual invoice entry
  • Ability to make a copy of an invoice in any phase

Resolved Issues

  • Vendor was able to submit the invoice to client through invoice listing page when vendor-client account is disabled
  • Timekeeper rate history display alignment fixed
  • If currency is not configured as supported currency and user is trying to send an invoice, the page no longer breaks
  • Top level menu choice in UI is now maintained when clicking on subordinate links
  • Revenue by client report no longer displaying blank
  • Line item dates no longer wrap
  • Calendar date picked no longer showing blank date after selection
  • System no longer trying to show the html "TK exceeded 10 hours" table in line-item adjustment section
  • When client BillingPoint rules were added by downloading the rule .json file from one environment and uploading into another, the rules appear enabled but were not firing as expected
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