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BillingPoint Release Notes - September 2022

by Dana Edel Updated on

What's New

  • Switch added to Client Account settings for diversity data to be excluded or sent to reporting data warehouse
  • BillingPoint ethnicity options updated to EEOC designations
  • Email of PDF invoice copies: custom option now includes selections to contain warnings, invoice comments, and fee arrangement
  • Improved LEDES error upload message when there are no line items in LEDES files
  • Appeals Functionality for invoice adjustments (must be enabled by the client)
  • Invoices in "Adjusted" phase (used for Appeals Functionality) are included in BillingPoint user weekly invoice digest email
  • BillingPoint rules now able to access AI referenced line items to identify 2 lawyers billing for communication with each other (cross-billing)

Resolved Issues

  • Inconsistent results on pagination after performing ‘archive’ or ‘delete’ bulk actions has been corrected
  • On a JPY invoice quick_pdf, decimals are no longer displayed
  • Non-approved currencies are no longer accepted on timekeeper rate uploads
  • LEDES invoice upload is no longer creating discount line items with unit set to null
  • Client Matter dropdown on edit of disputed Client Timekeeper Rate in panel is now working properly
  • Recipients field no longer accepts multiple commas while sending Email PDF
  • Fee Arrangement Rules imported from .json file now save properly
  • Approved Currency Checkbox Alignment in client settings has been corrected
  • On Manage Rules screen of fee arrangement in Chrome, the checkboxes for column "On Match?", "AI", and "Enable" now load properly
  • Client account legal entity details are now getting updated on resend of invoice after changing matter
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