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BillingPoint Release Notes - June 2021

by Christina Moore Updated on

What's New for Clients

  • Year to Date and Spend to Date (matter-specific) now visible from within Onit.

Resolved Vendor Issues

  • We now only display active (not archived or deleted) tax codes when a vendor is submitting an invoice.
  • Create Manual Invoice button repaired; now loading large number of matters efficiently on manual invoice and rate submission. Vendor can create manual invoice by clicking on the button to initiate the workflow.
  • System will throw error when user tries to upload file attachment with the same file name as a previously upload file attachment per invoice.
    • Error message: “There is a file name with the same name. Please change the file name and upload.”
  • Older invoices now render properly in the iFrame
  • When a vendor hovers over the icon, the system will now display the helper text:
    • For green icon: "Passed LEDES validation."
    • For red icon: "Failed LEDES validation." 

Resolved Client Issues

  • Ruleset actions are now re-arranged correctly.
  • State transition from Pending Approval to Approved or Disputed is now more performant.
  • The Reason field label has now been changed to Notes for consistency.
  • iFrame panel now correctly allows users to edit tax codes.
  • Hover over line item discounts now working.
  • Clients will now only see active vendors in the dropdown of the VATM screen when adding a vendor to a matter.
  • When the setting Require Client Matter for Client TK Rate Requestis checked in system setup and when a user is creating a new TK rate request:
    • Only matters with an approved BAR can be selected by the firm for client TK rate request.
    • All matters with a closed BAR will be disabled (greyed out).
  • The matter level BAR now shows TK profile/diversity data.

Resolved System Issues

  • All invoice currencies and spot rates on associated invoices with the BAR are now updated when the user changes the invoice/matter currency
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