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ELM Release Notes - December 2021

by Christina Moore Updated on

What’s New for Clients

  • Early/Speedy Pay discounts applied to invoices can now be based on the Net Fee amount as a configurable option, not just Gross Fee (Billed Fee) amount. Net Fee amount is the Gross Fee without the Fee Adjustment, Fee discount and taxes. The default for the Early/Speedy Pay and Tiered discount calculations will remain based on the Gross Fee amount.
  • On the Timekeeper Creation and Edit pages, when the Lawyer field is checked, the system now displays the ‘Graduation Date’ optional field.
  • The following fields are now available on the Invoice Grid:
    • Net fees
    • Net expenses
    • Line item adjustments
    • Net fees & expenses
  • Vendor Assignment to Matters App now shown by default in the left menu list.
  • Active field has now been moved above VAT note statement in Vendor discount app for Early Paid discount and Tiered Volume discount.
  • Add Allocation button has been moved to More Actions in the Matter app

What’s New for App Builders

  • The following Apps have had their security level changed to anonymous, enabling anonymous launch forms:
    • Vendor Status Updates
    • Vendor Budget
    • Monthly Accrual Request
  • Lawyer 'Graduation Date' field is now available on the Timekeeper rate grid (not selected by default).

Resolved Issues

  • The system will now correctly update Fixed / Capped Fee amounts in the correct currency when the currency is changed.
  • System will no longer incorrectly display 'Matter has been updated!' banner when creating a new Matter.
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