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ELM Standard Reports Release Notes - v2.5 July 2020

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What's New

MTE Based - ELM Standard Reports are now based on the Multiple Table Extract (MTE) feature in Tableau. This feature ensures that the underlying design of the standard data sources is suitable for easy customizations when new fields are added in Matters, Vendors and Invoices Apps in Onit. This design also ensures that the data sources are no longer restricted to show only Matters that have Invoices.

DW Refresh Date - The ELM Standard Reports header now show the actual date the data was refreshed in the data warehouse. In previous versions, the date in the report header was based on the maximum of the “updated at” date in the Matters App.

Line Item Inactive Filter - An additional filter “Line Item Inactive” has been added to the new MTE based standard data sources. Line items marked as inactive (Line Item Inactive value of 1) in Billing Point do not get included in the data source.

What's New: End User (Viewer)

DW Refresh

  1. Incremental Refresh that syncs only changes from the last update to the DW.  Incremental refreshes will be configured Mon - Sat and a full refresh on Sunday.
  2. The DW full refresh now completes in a fraction of the current time.
  3. Data Quality Validations performed with each DW Refresh alert support personnel of unexpected results for faster resolution of issues found.

What's New - End User (Creator)

The new data sources that the ELM Standard Reports are based off are

  1. ELM_MTE_Std_InvoiceLineItem
    • All Standard Reports are based on this data source.  This data source includes line item level detail in addition to matter, vendor and invoice level information. Below are the joins and join details
  1. ELM_MTE_Std_Invoices
    • This data source design is very similar to the ELM_MTE_Std_InvoiceLineItem and includes Matter, Vendor and Invoice information but does not include line item level information.
  • Audit history for adjustments made in Billing Point and Private (custom) Staff Classifications are now available for reporting in the Tableau environment.
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