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ELM Release Notes - May 2024

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What's New

  • Tiered Volume Discounts (TVD) 2.0  
    • Added a new “Recalculate Total Spend” option for users to employ on the vendor discounts listing page.  
    • Users can now delete tiers within a vendor discount structure; this is in case there are too many tiers added or the tier structure changes and the user does not want to set up a new discount.  

    • On the vendor discount listing page, users now have an option to “Clone” a vendor’s TVD structure; this is especially helpful for vendor discount structures that stay the same from one year to another (with only the start/end dates and perhaps the tier percentages changing).   

    • Onit’s Customer Success and Vendor Services teams can now bulk upload TVD structures using Excel.

    • Support users can now download the TVD template (before uploading anything) on the upload screen for bulk TVDs.

    • Vendor search in TVD tab now stays populated with the original search term after editing the vendor or managing tiers.

  • Refreshed look for timekeeper rate and vendor discount pages; now full-screen and responsive with updated fonts for a better user experience. 

  • Users can now adjust by the billed rate or units when making bulk line-item invoice adjustments.  

  • Multiple adjustments can be removed or applied in bulk – even for differing reasons – for line-item and invoice-level adjustments.  

  • After resubmitting matter-level timekeeper Billing Authorization requests, new changes to the requests (newly added timekeepers or rates for pre-approved timekeepers with newly submitted rates) are now highlighted in blue. This enables matter managers to focus solely on the changes made rather than reviewing the entire request. Items stay highlighted while the Billing Authorization request is pending approval. 

  • If available, the custom staff class shows up on all versions and phases of a Billing Authorization request.  

  • Included additional approval information (date/timestamp, final approval date) as options on the invoice PDF.   

Configuration Required - May Require Services

What's New

Enabled Document Management Lite, which provides a simple file management experience within Onit.  

  • Users can perform the following functions from the Document Management Panel: 

    • Upload documents 

    • Add folders, including nested folders 

    • Check In/ Check Out documents 

    • Undo Check Out 

    • Export 

    • Access bulk actions added to the Actions drop-down 

    • Select columns 

  • Appbuilders can go to How to Configure Document Management Lite to learn more about configuring this functionality.

  • Tiered Volume Discounts (TVD) 2.0 
    • The Discount Tiers application and Tiered Volume Discount (TVD)-related calculations on invoices are removed from the ELM screen; these elements are moved over to BillingPoint.  
    • "Apply TVD” checkbox now automatically populates on the VATM form if TVD is set up for the vendor in BillingPoint.  

    • Added in a condition to print “Note: You are in the max tier for this discount” when the max tier for the vendor is applied on an invoice.  

    • If a tiered-volume discount is incorrectly entered into the system (not matching the system-calculated discount), the user-entered value can be automatically adjusted per client request.  

    • Added an additional “Invoice Total” option for calculating Tiered Volume Discounts (TVDs), with the optional setting to include taxes.  

    • Vendor records are now aware if the vendor has TVDs set up or not.  

  • Performance and Configuration Enhancements 
    • Billing Authorization, Budget, Accruals, and VATM app conditions are updated to streamline configuration and enhance performance.  

    • Missing suite display labels are added to suite navigation to support translations.  

    • Allocation, Key Dates, Tasks, Status, User Profiles, and Group Preferences apps are now converted to the Forms Builder. 

    • Mirrored fields are added to the Allocation, Key Dates, Tasks, Status, User Profiles, and Group Preferences apps.  

    • Reopening/closing of Billing Authorizations are adjusted to account for the conversion of manual vendors to e-billing vendors.  

    • Implemented budget and VATM performance enhancements to increase the speed of record creation. 

    • Implemented Accrual performance enhancements. 

    • Updated the "Total Fee Spend" field in invoices to multicurrency from text. 

    • Updated Invoice Payment Fields action in Invoice Payment app refers to fields that do not exist in the Invoice Payment app. 

    • Updated the liquid function "Date to Check Int from Invoice Tracking Date" to use case.

    • Converted amount fields across VATM, Budget, Budget Detail, and Matter to use numeric calculations instead of liquid script.

    • Changed the Key Dates timeline widget to use liquid for start and end dates. 

    • Optimization for Invoice final approval.

  • Service of Process (SOP) applications are now available. 

  • When the Accrual Cadence is set to “none” in the Accrual Settings, the default value for Require Accruals for Matter goes to “No” on VATM launch, overriding the vendor accrual checkbox setting.  

  • For clarification: a banner message was added to the Vendor Assignment to Matter (VATM) page saying, “Accruals actively being collected or reviewed are not displayed here” when there is an active accrual process.  

  • Budget names within the VATM screen now include more information to help differentiate between internal and external budgets; budget notifications now display the correct budget name; the matter name reflects correctly on the budget record name; budget histories now display the correct budget record name. 

  • Users can now navigate back to the applicable VATM screen from the Budget application screen. 

  • Validation added to restrict changes to budget reforecast settings if there are active reforecast requests.


  • Negative values are no longer able to be added in allocation; total allocations can no longer equal over 100%. 

  • To fix mismatches on the Billing Authorization records during the Vendor Authorization to Matter (VATM) process, a condition was added to the sequence so that when a VATM record is reopened, only the most recent Billing Authorization request with a matching currency is reopened and the old Billing Authorization request is left as “Closed.”  

  • When a second invoice exceeding a Fixed/Hourly Capped Fee is submitted after one invoice has already exceeded the Fixed Fee, the amount on the message on the first invoice exceeding the fee now updates properly.  

  • For timekeeper approved/disputed rate emails, the timekeeper rate now displays in the currency format it was originally submitted in.  

  • The speed of budget detail record updates (including ones with budget forecasts) has been improved. 

  • When an invoice is resubmitted, the adjusted external budget spend now reflects on the External Budget Remaining fiscal records fields.  

  • When the first Allocation on a matter record is edited, the auto-populated Allocation % value now displays with the correct, updated percentage, totaling 100%.  

  • The Pending Accrual Info Count now displays as “0” once the client review ends (with closed matters not included in Pending Count); Received Accrual Info Count now includes closed matters for which an accrual has been submitted.  

  • The Budget History now logs only one budget history entry for a newly created invoice.  

  • When the currency is updated on a VATM with no invoices (hourly capped or fixed fee), the currency label and value for Budget Amount on the Billing Authorization now display the updated amount. 

  • iFrame continues to display on the Vendor Approval Process screen even when there are no remaining open matters or VATMs.  

  • Only Matter Managers or manually added users on records can edit budget details.

Known Issues
  • Manual budget reforecast causes the next automated forecast to be skipped.
  • On Fiscal Year record, “Total Spend of Budgeted Invoices” is displaying an incorrect amount.
  • Invoices can still be approved if allocations are less than 100%.
  • Fee and Expense fields on Invoice records are not being updated when adjustments are applied to the invoice.
  • After currency update on VATM with existing invoices, "Invoice Total (Vendor Currency)" does not convert the amount.
  • Fiscal Period and Months cloned via the button “Clone Most Recently Created Fiscal Year” do not display the complete note for exclude phases/taxes.
  • Invoice Total field does not get updated to exclude EPD amount once EPD is applied.
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