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Release Notes - March 2018

by Leah Gilman Updated

App Creator Features

Quickly Create and Remove Sibling Transactions from App Panels

We’ve added some handy features to ManyToMany App Panels to support users' ability to quickly create and remove relationships to the current transaction.

As part of the configuration for a ManyToMany Related Atom Panel, App Creators can now optionally include a Plus icon for creating new relationships and a bulk action to unrelate existing relationships. Both properties can be conditionally hidden.

Set BelongsTo Fields with the Sync Data to Transactions Action

The Sync Data to Transactions Action now supports setting a BelongsTo Field for transactions.

To map a BelongsTo Field to a column of a CSV file, you'll need to provide the Transaction ID for the Source value in the Field Mapping. Liquid and list lookups are supported to find the appropriate ID. 

System Admin Features

Expire System Messages

Our new System Messaging feature now includes an expiration date property so System Admin don't need to worry about remembering to turn off their System Messages. 

End User Features

  • The Navigation Menu now includes a section for an environment’s inactive apps. This section only appears for System Admin and App Creator users.
  • We now preserve which page you were on when you navigate away and back to an app’s dashboard.
  • We’ve improved performance when navigating to pages containing a lot of transaction data, such as a Suite with many Widgets.

Bug Fixes

General Platform:

  • The Find or Create Related Transactions Action previously failed when used on transactions related with a BelongsTo Field whose name was plural. We’ve fixed this.
  • We now provide error messaging when an App Creator tries to enable the Prevent grid View save and edit setting and a default Data View does not exist.
  • SSO login users are now directed to the page for SSO login rather than a password based login screen.
  • Launch links from a Suite now preserve the Suite context instead of being taken outside of it.
  • We fixed an issue preventing the Check EchoSign Status Action from work.

React UI:

  • Hidden Conditions on Fields in the React Wizard no longer break when they include numbers or the special characters $, , or \.
  • The Sync Data to Transactions Action no longer allows transactions to be created without a name.
  • React now honors the Form Label Align property set on the React Advanced Designer’s Settings page.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Fields from being moved to the topmost position of the Display Fields column in the Field Selector.
  • MultiSelect Fields sometimes showed the underlying value instead of the display value on edit of a transaction. We’ve fixed this.
  • We now provide an error message when pasting app data fails. Previously it failed silently.
  • We fixed an issue that caused some Field types to lose initial focus on Launch and Edit of a transaction.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented a user from deselecting the Default View checkbox once it was selected when saving Views.
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