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Release Notes - July 2022

by David Goldfarb Updated on

July 22 Release

What's New — App Creator

  • Inherited role creation now features a Mapping Editor, similar to the one in place for creating numeric aggregations. To use it, check the box for "Use Editor".

A button to bring up the Editor window will then appear.

Once you've configured your mapping, it will then be displayed as a security chain, telling you which apps you're inheriting from:

  • On an app's Settings page in the Designer, the Save button is now always visible. You no longer have to scroll down to the bottom to save after making a change.
  • Entries into the "Recipient Emails" field of a Send Notification Action are now validated: they must be email addresses. If they're not, we'll throw an error.
  • Bar chart widgets can now be arranged to order the bars by their size, either increasing or decreasing.
  • In a Rest Request Action, the Execute button is now placed up with the other buttons instead of being down by itself at the bottom.
  • If you try to delete a field that is modified by the "Field Updates" of a UI Action, we now prevent you.
  • We also now prevent you from deleting a UI Action that is set to run on app launch.

What's New — End User

  • App panels can now load and save views, similar to an app's dashboard grid. This won't apply to all panels: if you don't see the views menu in a panel and you want it, tell your Onit contact. When this is active, you'll see a menu of public views at the top of the panel grid, along with "Save" and "Restore" buttons.

You can save a private view here; it'll then be available on other dashboard grids for that app.

A view applied here won't be "sticky": if you refresh the page or even just navigate away and back, the view will revert to the panel's default.

  • When you export a dashboard, there's now an option to remove HTML tags before creating the spreadsheet.
  • When you do a bulk download of attached files, you now have an option to download all the files into one folder, instead of having files from separate transactions go into subfolders.
  • When you submit a new transaction via anonymous launch, you will now see a progress indicator after you submit, while the new record is being created.

Resolved Issues — App Creator

  • When you're creating or editing a business rule and haven't yet saved your changes, and you click to navigate to a different business rule, and you see the prompt asking if you want to discard your unsaved changes, when you choose "Cancel" we now respect that and leave you on the rule you were editing, instead of taking you to the other rule and discarding your changes.
  • Fixed an issue that could arise (when comments on changes are required) if you tried to save an App Email Address, but neglected to make a comment.
  • When you're previewing suite widgets, you now get to see dates sorted in date order instead of string order.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a full-screen error when on the Deleted Transactions grid.

Resolved Issues — End User

  • Typing a filter string into a text field and then quickly hitting return should now retain and filter by everything you typed, instead of sometimes dropping the last couple of characters.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause error messages to appear when loading suite widget dashboards.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent download links for attachments from appearing in an app dashboard grid in Postgres mode.
  • The new "Names" column accidentally got dropped from the transaction history grid in Mongo mode. We've put it back.
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