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Release Notes - March 2021

by David Goldfarb Updated on

March 19th release

What's New - App Creator

  • Various chart widgets (gauge, bar, line, and series)can all now be configured with a Data View, not just a Filter.
  • A new corporation-level role, Asset Administrator, will allow users to manage a corporation's images and assets without giving them full system admin privileges.
  • Apps can now have a custom header and footer added to their exported Excel spreadsheets. Configure it on the Settings page.
  • The DocuSign Post Request Action has new configuration options. ​To use them, click the new "Generate Documents Array" checkbox. 

A newly created Action will have this checked by default.

Underneath "Document for Signature Field" you'll now find an "Additional Documents" section.

Here you can designate Attachment and/or DocumentFolder Fields to be sent as supporting documents along with the main document. You can choose whether they'll display inline with the main document, or simply be titles with a button to display them in a modal window. If you choose the Modal option, you can also choose whether a download from DocuSign will include that or not.

  • In corporations that use Postgres, System administrator users can now access a report of what users have access to a particular transaction. Click this new icon on the transaction details page to see it.
  • In the "New Look", administrators can set theme colors for a corporation. New Liquid variables will allow ​app creators to access these color settings.
  • In the "New Look", administrators now have options for how buttons look on transaction view pages. They can be white text on the primary color (the default), or outline and text in the primary color on a white background, or an outline and text in the font/accent color.
  • You can now execute a Daily Schedule event from within Process Builder.

What's New - End User

  • You can now export a transaction's history grid to Excel.
  • You can now filter Attachment fields on a dashboard grid by file type, not just file name.
  • You can also take multiple files attached to transactions and download them all at once. The menu icon used for export to Excel now includes a file export option.

When you select this option, you can export attachments from all records selected on the current page of your grid, or from all records in the app. You'll fill in an email address: that address will receive an email with a link. Follow the link and you'll get to download a zip file containing a copy of all the documents.

(Note: the link is only good for 24 hours. Also, the maximum size  of all attachments is 1 GB.)

  • In apps that don't have separate approvals for different phases, if you are a participant in roles on two different phases and you approve with a comment, your comment will no longer show up twice in the activity feed.
  • Fields such as Combo Fields that would normally have a drop down box, but which are set to read-only, no longer display a down arrow at the right.
  • Apps that have a panel with an iframe (such as the Invoices app in ELM) now have a new icon on the page when you have that tab selected.

Click the icon to see the contents of the frame in a large popup window.

  • DocuSign integrations can now allow inclusion of supporting documents when you send your document to be signed.
  • In Postgres mode, transaction grids will no longer wait to find out how many total transactions there are before loading row data. In apps with many transactions, this will shorten the time before you can start working with your rows.
  • In Postgres mode, the error message received when you enter a badly formatted date into the filter for a Date or DateTime field will nTransactions created by Sync Data to Transaction actions will now have unique values for atom_number, instead of duplicates.​
  • ow be easier to understand.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Fixed an issue where Postgres mode had trouble dealing with very large values of atom_number.
  • Transactions created by Sync Data to Transaction actions in Mongo mode will now have unique values for atom_number, instead of duplicates.​
  • Fixed the height of the log in the Debugger page.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a transaction could leave behind orphaned badges.
  • Fixed an issue with iManage Create Workspace Actions not working right in Postgres mode when called by Earn Badge.
  • In Postgres mode, the pie chart feature allowing control of label order is now working with Fields of type Combo and Listcombo.
  • A long time ago we had a Field type of "Number". We changed that to Integer and Decimal, but a few long-time clients still had Number-type Fields hanging around...which was a problem, since our UI doesn't support that. We've migrated those fields to type Integer.
  • The history grid for app package exports now actually allows sorting and filtering, instead of just pretending to do so.​

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Clicking an action button while you're editing a transaction can cause you to lose any changes you made. There's an option that admins can set to make sure that the button click will notice unsaved changes and prompt you to abort the action so you can save. But that option stopped working. Now it will work again.
  • Logout links within a suite will no longer open the logout screen in a new tab.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented apps with Restrict Access turned on from being launched in a transaction view page inside a suite.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some entries in a MultiSelect Field to display their stored value instead of the display value during transaction editing.
  • When you put a wrongly formatted value into a MultiCurrency Field, you will now see an error message when you should, instead of not getting one until you tried to page forward or submit your transaction.
  • If a MultiCurrency Field is required, and you enter a value but the currency code is not set, you'll now see a message informing you that a currency code is needed — not just that the Field itself is required.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause a BelongsTo Field to clear if you clicked into it while editing a transaction.​
  • In Postgres mode, entering an invalid regular expression into an Advanced-style grid filter will no longer cause the grid load to hang up.
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