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Release notes - March 2022

by David Goldfarb Updated on

March 29 release

What's New - App Creator

  • The Administration page has been reorganized for easier navigation.
  • Outgoing system emails now go into a separate queue, which is processed every five minutes: this means that outgoing emails can take up to five minutes to process, but it also means that they will never get backed up behind other system processes. If you have an email which needs to get sent out right now, you can go to the Sent Emails node in Administration and click a button to make the queue start processing.
  • In the Themes node, you can now set a color for the Quick Launch Button.

What's New - End User

  • Message toasts now appear at the bottom right corner instead of the top right.
  • The history grid in a record now includes a Name column which shows the full name of the user who did an action.
  • Entries made to a record's history now include full names in the "What" column, instead of just user email addresses.
  • When someone shares a grid view with you, and you click the button in the email to go to the app dashboard grid, we'll go ahead and immediately load the view for you, rather than making you click on the Views menu to get to it.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Sync Data actions that fail will now show as Failed status in Batch Processes, instead of just Running.
  • Fixed an issue where after sending a confirmation email for a list import or a bulk action completion, the Sent Emails node in Administration would become inaccessible.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Create Transactions from Transaction Actions to fail when run in the background.
  • Fixed an issue in Postgres mode where an invalid numeric aggregation could prevent new records from being created.
  • Backslash characters in a CSV file will no longer make a Sync Data to Transactions action fail.
  • Fixed an issue in Postgres mode where the Liquid object atom_emails.last wasn't available to an Email Received business rule.
  • API calls in Postgres mode can now use the operator "equals", not just "eq".

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Fixed an issue where an approval comment that consisted only of an attached file with no actual text given, would not show up in the activity log.
  • When you click into the filtering area of a text field, the dialog box will now always show the current filter (if any).
  • When you click into the filtering area of a field with "Simple" options, set some options, and then click Cancel, the operation will now actually be canceled, instead of the filter being set.
  • When an iframe panel (such as the one for invoices) uses Liquid in its title, and you expand it into a popup window, the title of the popup will now correctly evaluate the Liquid instead of displaying the raw source.
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