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Release Notes – December 2021

by David Goldfarb Updated on

December 8 release

What's New – App Creator

  • A new provider type, called "Email Tracking Provider" has been added. This email provider allows you to provide workflow and notifications around the success or failure of delivery of Onit generated email.

The Email Tracking Provider allows you to either create a new app or use an existing app for logging successful and failed emails.

  • The Provider requires the following fields:
    • Name – any name not current taken by an Email Tracking Provider.
    • App – You can select an existing app from the dropdown or click the "Create email tracking app" button to auto create a new one. This is the app that will store the email logs.
    • Sent Date – Assign a field on the app to store the "Sent Date" value.
    • App Name – Assign a field on the app to store the "App Name" value. This is the name of the app that triggered the email.
    • Reaction ID – Assign a field on the app to store the "Reaction ID" value. This is the ID of the Action that triggered the email.
    • Reaction Name – Assign a field on the app to store the "Reaction Name" value. This is the name of the Action that triggered the email.
    • Atom ID – Assign a field on the app to store the "Atom ID" value.
    • Subject – Assign a field on the app to store the "Subject" value.
    • Recipient – Assign a field on the app to store the "Recipient" value.
    • Status – Assign a field on the app to store the "Status" value. Values can be "Pending", "Succeeded", or "Failed".
    • Status Details – Assign a field on the app to store the details of the status. In the case of failures this can give actionable reasons for the failure.
    • Description – An optional field to describe the intended use of this provider.
    • Enable? – A checkbox to enable/disable the provider. The default is disabled.

Once a Provider has been created it can be added to an Action that sends emails. On Actions such as Send Notification you will see two new optional fields, "On Any Failure" and "On Delivered". These fields are drop downs containing the enabled Email Tracking Providers. Multiple Email Tracking Providers can be created so that you can have one per Action or to have separate apps for Successes and Failures.

  • In the Users grid in Administration, there's now a facet-style filtering available for the Roles column.
  • Previously only emails from the Send Notification Action were displayed in the Sent Email grid (under Administration). Now all emails triggered from Actions will be displayed here. If SMTP is not being used then you will also be able to see the status of these emails.
  • A new checkbox, Retain email bodies in outgoing email log has been added to the Security tab in Corporation Settings. When checked all non-system emails (password resets, 2FA tokens, etc) will have their bodies logged and accessible through the Sent Emails page in Administration.
  • The "Pre-load Transaction Counts for App Panels" Beta Feature has been updated to provide improved time to interaction for users. The beta feature works under the following conditions:
    • There is at least one Related Atoms Dashboard or Sibling Atoms Dashboard configured
    • The app panel has a Data View with no filtering criteria
    • There is no hidden condition on the app panel

App panels that meet the above conditions will immediately have their tab counts loaded. If you experience long app panel load times then reach out to your account manager to discuss enabling this feature.

  • Previously the only validator available was the regex validator which required knowledge of how regular expressions work. We are now introducing pre-configured validators where no regex is needed and the logic is hard coded. To start off we are releasing validation for date rules (Prevent Future Dates and Prevent Past Dates). When selecting one of these validators we will provide an out of the box validation message, but the message can be customized. These new validators can only be applied to Date and Datetime fields.
  • The "email_to_user" liquid filter has been updated to now retrieve the "last_sign_in_at" value. This value will return the date and time of the user's last sign in, as shown in the Corporation Users table.
  • When Fields are used in a numeric calculation we no longer allow you to delete them.
  • The grid in theSecurity Audit node of Administration now supports the usual range of filtering, including regular expressions and exact match searches.

What's New - End User

  • System messages (both success messages and error messages) now appear at the bottom right corner instead of the top right.
  • When you load a saved dashboard grid view and then make changes to it (add or remove a Field from the grid, or a filter), a "Restore View" button at the top right can now be used to revert your changes back to what you first loaded.
  • Editable grids now support display and inline editing of Datetime fields.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Fixed an issue where trying to create a Daily Schedule business rule with a Recalculate Single Transaction Action and a filter threw an error.
  • Fixed an issue which made Field labels with super-fancy CSS not render properly.
  • You can now use the auto-create in the Related Apps node to create a relationship involving an app with a special character in its name.
  • The Security Audit node of Administration now always shows JWT Auth Providers at all times, instead of hiding that tab sometimes.
  • An API call querying a corporation's app names will now only show names of apps whose authentication level is set to Anonymous.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Fixed an issue which could app panels to show data from a previously viewed transaction when you first load a new one.
  • The grid column selector no longer has a bunch of white space underneath the list of visible fields.
  • Long validation warning messages no longer run into the "Cancel" and "Update" button when you're editing a transaction in an app that uses Standard-type layout.
  • A Manage Participant bulk action can now be applied to all transactions in the app, like other bulk actions, not just the transactions visible on the current page.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the "logout" button in the Outlook plugin to not actually end your session.
  • If you remove all columns from your dashboard grid, you'll no longer run into an error when you try to put some back.
  • Fixed an issue where using non-English currency/decimal separators could prevent Field hidden conditions from working correctly.
  • The dialog box when doing a bulk export of attachments now lets you see more email addresses when choosing your user to send to, and no longer has a superfluous scrollbar on the right.
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