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Release Notes - January 2021

by David Goldfarb Updated on

January 20, 2021 release

What's New - App Builder

  • If your corporation allows access to records via email button links without needing a login, we no longer allow you to set the "CC:" field in Send Report or Send Notification Actions.
  • In addition, if your Send Report Action has a "CC:" field set, links to transactions will require authentication to follow, even if the corporation has "Do not require login" set.
  • When a Role is removed from a user but that user remains a participant in other Roles on the transaction, the removal is now logged in the history and can trigger Participant Removed Business Rules.
  • MultiSelect Fields have a new option: Display as Checkboxes. Similar to radio button combos, this allows users to see all options at once and immediately instead of having to click on a drop down box. Note that the checkboxes will only show on the launch form and in edit mode; in view mode the data will still be a comma-separated list.
  • A number of changes have been made to the default configuration of a new App.
    • The default page layout is now Compact instead of Standard.
    • Disable Search is on.
    • The scaffolded Business Rules that notify the Requester on transaction creation, a participant on activation, and a participant when approved by proxy now default to disabled.
    • Two new Conditions are added: "false", and "Current User is Onit".
    • requester_name and requester_email Fields default to taking their values from the current user and being always hidden.
    • A new Recalc Single Transaction Action is added.
    • The Close Project Button is hidden by default.
    • A Single Recalc bulk Action Button is added, visible to Onit users.
  • When you have unsaved changes in the Suites Designer, we now ask you to confirm navigation that would lose them. (Just like we have done in the Apps Designer for some time.)

What's New - End User

  • Have you ever clicked "Update" when editing a long form in the view page, only to have nothing happen? And at some point you scrolled down to the bottom and saw the message that some required Field was empty, or something didn't match a formatting validation. That message will now float inline with the Update button, so you get to see it right away instead of wondering what's wrong.
  • The dialog box when creating a comment now has an "Inactive Users" section. Collapsed by default, it allows you to send email notifications about your comment to participants who aren't currently in an active Role.
  • When you're on a suite dashboard, and you use the + menu to create a new transaction, previously only some types of widgets would update to reflect the new transaction's existence. Now we're having all of them do so.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Fixed an issue where a Create Related button would fail when the child App had a MultiCurrency Field with the same name as a field in the parent that was of a different type.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a launch form to open with the focus on a field that wasn't the first one.
  • Excel export of text that is all digits no longer cuts off leading zeroes. If your invoice number is something like 0011257 you'll now see that in all its glory, not just 11257.
  • Fixed an issue with using an editable grid and navigating with the Tab key that could bring on an error.
  • Fixed an issue where users in a locale that separates decimals with a comma instead of a period could have currency amounts in newly created child transactions multiplied by 100.
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