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Release Notes - October 2023

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What's New - App Creator

  • Bar Charts can now be configured to show Averages instead of Sums (default behavior). Simply go to the configuration form for the Bar Chart widget and you will see a new dropdown option called "Y-Axis Value Type". 
  • In some cases you may want to restrict grid exports to only be emailed to the current user. There are new App Settings options for the Grid export email options. The options are: Email to any system user and Restrict to current user.
  • There is now a way for App Builders to add in launch form links that allow them to pass in parameters and keep the user in SPA.
  • The widget_atom_launch function can now take in initial value parameters for fields. Here's an example of how to configure:
  • Phase Metrics Configuration now allows decimal fields to be used in total seconds in Phase and total business days in Phase. Seconds will round up but days will not.
  • A "Open in New Tab" checkbox has been added to the Link configuration for Suite Sidebar Items. The default is unchecked. When it is checked, the link should open in a new tab.
  • A new checkbox, "Allow manual delete", will default to checked and allow for a user to manually delete a participant. If the checkbox is not checked then users will not be allowed to manually remove the participant.
  • The "Apply Changes" button in the Select Fields modal is disabled if no fields are selected to prevent a blank page for some users.
  • Buttons that are conditionally hidden and not meant to display to the user will now no longer have their data loaded. This will help improve record load times in cases where there are several hidden buttons.
  • Phase Labels can now be shown in App Dashboards by enabling the "Display Phase Label on the Dashboard" checkbox in App Settings. Note: Any grid views that reference Phase Names will to be updated to reference Phase Labels.
  • The Insert Operation for Find or Create Transaction Actions will now have the option to enforce uniqueness which will not create a new record if a matching record is found. The checkbox will be disabled for the Update and Upsert Operations.
  • [Forms Builder Only] A default view setting with the options of Expanded and Collapsed is now available for Formlets. When Expanded is selected the Formlet will load already expanded. When Collapsed is selected the Formlet will load collapsed.
  • [Forms Builder Only] The data type for the default field of requester_email is no longer editable and is always the data type email.
  • [Forms Builder Only] "Is Blank" and "Is Not Blank" are now available for all field types in the Show-If Formlets rule builder.

What's New - End User

  • To ensure accurate tracking of phase metrics, the following behavior in the Phase Metrics module is implemented:
    1. When a source record is closed, the corresponding open phase record should receive an end date, marking it as closed.
    2. If the source record is reopened, a new phase record should be created to represent the reopened phase.
  • When a grid interface is being used for multi-selects, users will now see a warning message when they attempt to 'Confirm Selection' before the values have been successfully added or removed.
  • When a Cascading List Combo (CLC) uses a list with a blank middle level, users no longer need to select a blank  to progress to the next level.
  • Launch and edit form submission buttons are now disabled until all UI Actions are complete to ensure all fields updates are made before the forms is submitted.
  • Attachment fields will now upload files as soon as they are added. If there is an error with an upload then the user will be alerted in realtime rather than alerting them after form submission.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Query Statistics now loads Query Details.
  • Generate Document buttons will no longer be allowed to be added to button groups.
  • The Create Related button no longer copies attachment fields when marked for exclusion.
  • Duplicating an app now correctly copies the Roles associated with each tab.
  • Admin Lists retain the order of the columns as shown in Onit when exported.
  • The issue with adding or removing numeric calculations to existing fields has been resolved.
  • Resolved an issue of CCAs that are configured with a condition not triggering with business rule.
  • Resolved several issues with packaging, including allowing a successful import when the FCRT property is not found and the health check points out the problem.
  • [Forms Builder Only] Required and tooltips toggles have been added to the BelongsTo fields under Field Settings.
  • [Forms Builder Only] CLC Backed Formlets that use a CLC with a List Dictionary Provider with a name different from the List name no longer creates an error.
  • [Forms Builder Only] "Required" is now available as a form level field attribute as well. This can override the default "Required" value in Datamodel and allow you to have the field be required in one form but not another.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Additional options on the iframe were included so users can interact with it appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally showed an incorrect form shows in Forms Builder after caching.
  • Optimized the performance for end users to only return available buttons and button groups based on  conditions.
  • Phase Metrics app will no longer show negative Total Business Days.
  • Resolved the issue and now ensure that only selected participants receive notifications for comments.
  • [Forms Builder Only] Improved field handling in Forms Builder to help with performance.
  • [Forms Builder Only] The issue with adding more than one field to the pop-out grid of a BelongsTo field has been resolved.
  • [Forms Builder Only] Fixed the filtering issue that occurred when the BelongsTo field is in a Formlet.
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