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Release Notes - May 2022

by David Goldfarb Updated on

May 31 release

What's New — App Creator

  • The landing page for the Designer now has links to the app Wizard, and to various documentation articles.
  • For system admin and app creator users, navigation bar items in suites now have a pencil icon like the ones that apps have. Click on the icon to go to that item's configuration page in the suite editor.
  • Certain types of dynamic HTML and CSS are now included in our whitelisting, so you can have an animated progress indicator that doesn't get removed by sanitization.
  • When a Multiselect or Listcombo field is using a Transaction List Provider, we no longer allow you to delete that provider.
  • A new Liquid object role_users allows you to find both the name and email associated with a certain role. (Previously there was "roles", but that just had the name.) It's an array of arrays, so you can step through it with a for loop and then use dot notation to get .name and .email.

What's New — End User

  • If you selected some transactions on a grid and then changed your view, those transactions could wind up on another page, or even hidden, but still selected; you could end up running bulk actions on transactions you didn't intend to. Now if you change your view, we make sure to remove all record selections.
  • Emails that are sent to a transaction from the cc: line will now show the full original "To:" line from the email.

Resolved Issues — App Creator

  • Fixed an issue which prevented enabling the "select all" checkbox in the dashboard grid column selector.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented enabling an app's atoms appearing in the Recents list.
  • A Raw Transaction Filter which uses the user_is_participant operator type will now preview correctly in Postgres mode.
  • Emails which fail to send will now eventually enter a Failed state, instead of hanging around in the queue forever.
  • Having a field named "class" no longer creates an error in Postgres corporations.
  • Fixed an issue in the Related Apps node in the Designer where you would see an error immediately after creating a new relationship.

Resolved Issues — End User

  • When you're in the Invoice New View tab of the Invoices app, and you click Print, after you're done printing you'll now see the view again instead of a blank container.
  • When the Quicklaunch button is enabled, you would normally not see it in a suite context, when the suite had no button items enabled. But if you narrowed your browser window enough, it would appear anyway, and then throw an error if you clicked on it. We now prevent it from appearing when it shouldn't.
  • Firefox users no longer see extraneous up and down arrows in the paging control window.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent attached files from showing up in the dashboard grid under certain circumstances.
  • Users who have the List Administrator or App Administrator roles will no longer see a debug icon in their header. (It didn't work for you anyway, so you shouldn't miss it.)
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