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Release Notes - March 2024

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Available on Release - End User

Resolved Issues

  • Second Mover form is now enforcing the required flag.
  • Formlets now dynamically hide/show in View Mode as they do on Launch.
  • Issue with BelongsTo Fields incorrectly showing a display value has been resolved.
  • When using Transaction Navigation, the load time when navigating to the next record has been improved and the records are no longer prematurely being added to the Recent Atoms list.
Configuration Required - May Require Services - End User

What's New

  • Document Management Lite provides a simple file management experience within Onit. 
    • Users can perform the following function from the Document Management Panel
      • Upload documents

      • Add folders, including nested folders

      • Check In/ Check Out documents

      • Undo Check Out

      • Export

      • Access bulk actions added to the Actions drop-down

      • Select columns

    • Appbuilders can go to How to Configure Document Management Lite, to learn more about how to configure this functionality.
App Creator

What's New

  • Validators can be used on integer fields.
    • Where: Appbuilders can go to the Validators page and see an option for Numeric Validator.
    • How: Click on the Numeric Validator to open a simple form with the fields Minimum value and Maximum value. Both value fields do not have to be filled out but at least one value field must be filled out for the form to be saved.
  • Optimize performance around Transaction Updates by defining "Fields to Watch" in Transaction Updates Business Rules. When fields are set then at least one of the fields must be updated by the user (and any specified conditions must be true) in order for the Transaction Updated Business Rule to trigger.
    • Where: Fields to watch can be selected from the Transaction Updated Business Rule.
    • How: Select fields to watch from the dropdown.
  • Transaction List Provider (TLP) Backed Listcombo display values are translatable. App Builders can now provide translations for Transaction List Provider (TLP) Backed Listcombos via the translation functionality.

Resolved Issues

  • Initial Values can now be set for fields in CLC-Backed Formlets.
  • Packaging (App) import issue that occurred when a MultiCurrency field referenced a currency code field is now resolved.
Known Product Limitations
  • Document Management Lite is only available for non-CLM apps.
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