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Release Notes - March 2020

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What's New: App Creator

  • A new Action, Set Delegates for User, allows for delegations to be set and removed in a single step:
    • Email of Delegator: the email address of the user who is delegating approval authority.
    • Emails of Delegate: a comma-separated list of the approval recipients.
      This action sets the list of delegates, so if the Delegator had any other delegates previously, and they're not in this list, they lose their authority.
      Both fields support Liquid.
  • A new type of widget is available: the arc widget!

This divides things up quite similarly to how a pie chart does, but as wedges of an arc instead of slices of a pie. To create one, make a pie chart and then check the new checkbox labeled "Display as arc?"

  • Pie chart legends are no longer limited to alphabetical order. Pie chart configuration now has a field called "Label Order".

Click into here to get a drop down menu of all values that exist in the slice label field; it also accepts custom input. Values that are entered here will be sorted to the top of the legend. Other values will appear below, sorted alphabetically. This works on the new arc charts, too.

  • You can now mouse over the timestamp on a document in a DocumentFolder panel to see exactly when it was uploaded, just like you can the activity in the Activity panel.

  • When you enter values into a Currency or MultiCurrency Field, validation is now applied that your input follows the appropriate rules for number of decimals. So, for instance, we won't let you have any decimals if the currency is Japanese Yen; you'll see a warning and won't be allowed to save until you take them out.

  • The "App Changes" grid can now be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

  • To make it easier to tell when Business Rules or Actions have been disabled, we now list them in gray
  • Suite widgets now have a "Used In" section telling you which dashboards include them.

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • When editing a Transaction List Provider, we now show only the Record columns for the selected App, instead of all of them for every App.
  • Fixed an issue with Conditions: trying to view the Action which uses a Condition would only work if you'd previously loaded the Actions node.
  • When configuring a counter widget, the Data View field now only shows actual Data Views, and not also the saved public views for the App (which don't work here).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause App Health Check to return an error.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • Internet Explorer 11 users whose sessions time out now get a popup telling them so, just like everyone else does.
  • Timestamps on documents in a DocumentFolder field now honor the corporation date format setting.
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