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Release Notes - June 2020

by David Goldfarb Updated on

June 15 release

What's New - App Builder

  • There's now a "Used In" section for filters. Also, trying to delete a filter that is in use will now throw an error.
  • The Settings page has been revamped: controls have been organized into categories, and a link has been added to documentation.
  • User Preferences Providers have been made more flexible. Previously all you could do there was set an app, and this app had to have certain hard-coded field names. Now ​​​​​the app fields can have any names you want, and you can set the field functions in the Preferences Provider.
  • In addition, you can now provide your users with the ability to set their locale. Import the list of locales attached here. Create a Listcombo Field in your User Profiles app backed by that list, and as you see above, set your Listcombo in Preferred Locale.
    (Note: the Date Format field is superseded by Preferred Locale: do not use.)
  • When you're configuring a suite table or counter widget, once you set a filter or a data view for the widget, the control for the other one no longer displays as a required control in red. You do have to set one of these, but you don't need both.​

What's New - End User

  • Currency and date formats will now look for the locale setting in your browser, and use that. So for example if your browser locale is France, you'll see dates as "27 Dec 2019" or "27/12/2019", and money fields like "150,25 $US". Note however that corporation level settings for date format will override the browser setting.
  • However, if your administrator has set up a locale setting in the User Profiles app (see above), you can set your locale here and that will be used as your controlling preference.

Resolved Issues - App Builder

  • None in this release

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Some app panels hide when they have no transactions to display. If you filtered the grid for one of these, and accidentally entered a filter that returned no results, the app panel would hide on you, and you'd have to refresh your page to get it back. App panels will now behave more sensibly and let you continue to work with them.
  • When a received email appears in the activity feed for a transaction, the characters < and & will now display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause errors on an anonymous launch form page after doing a hard refresh.

June 25 release

Resolved Issues - App Builder

Fixed an issue where disabling business rules for an app would cause it to lose its "Approve by Phase" setting.

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