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Release Notes - Jan. 2020

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What's New: App Creator

  • The editor where App creators can configure suites was one of the last places that still used the Legacy UI. No more! Suite configuration is now done within the React UI. We've taken this opportunity to make a few improvements.
    • Widgets are now grouped by type in expandable categories, similar to what we do in the App Designer with Actions.
  • When you're configuring a widget and need to specify an App Field, in the Legacy UI editor you used free-form text entry. Our new editor provides you with a drop down menu of Fields and you can just select one.
  • Most types of widget now have a preview button.
  • When you give a navigation item an icon, you can see a preview of the icon.
  • Corporations that use Single Sign On authentication can now have multiple ID Providers per subdomain. In the Security tab of Corporation Settings you can now add an additional IDP. Enter an IDP Name and click “Add IDP”.

This will create a new Single Sign On section. There you can customize the button label and URL “slug” for the IDP. If multiple IDPs are configured then the user will be presented with multiple IDP button options on the login page.

  • Conditional Compound Actions can now be saved without adding any Actions.
  • When you're creating an Action "on the fly" inside a Business Rule, we previously didn't wait to see whether your save succeeded before closing the edit window, so if there was a problem with your Action then all your work was lost. Now we keep the window open, so you can go ahead and fix the problem.

What's New: End User

  • In the Activity feed if you hover your pointer over the time stamp, we'll show you a tool tip that gives the exact date and time.
  • If a custom phase label has been created we will now use that label in the Participants panel also, for the appropriate phase, not just in the phase drop down menu.

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • Series Chart widgets that were set to use Count as their aggregation now actually show you the count instead of summing.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when pasting App data to create a new App.
  • Fixed an issue where the Holiday Provider would turn negative numbers into positive numbers.
  • Fixed an issue in the Outlook Plugin where an invalid recipient error is thrown when trying to add an email to a matter.
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