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Release Notes - May 2021

by Christina Moore Updated on

May 4 release

What's New – App Creator

  • The endorsed_at field in a participant's object will now record a time for a proxy approval, instead of just postulating that they are all at midnight UTC.
  • When you try to delete a field that's in use in a suite widget, we'll now throw an error and prevent it.
  • You can now save blocks of Liquid code in one app,  and then use them corporation-wide. In the Designer under Global Configuration, we've had "Liquid Functions" for a while now. Until now, this has only been used for one fairly specific purpose, Date Conflict Queries. Now there is another section, Generic Liquid Functions.

Parameters here are the names of variables that will contain information from outside the function. The Liquid Body field is the main part of the function and can use all Liquid tags and filters.

Once you've saved your function, you can load it in the Liquid preview editor with a new menu icon:

All saved Generic Liquid Functions will show up in this menu. When you select one, it loads in the source editor along with an output tag:

You won't be able to preview this yet! You'll need to make an edit to the param line first, to indicate what the parameter should be. The function I showed above is meant to output roles and names of participants, so we want to pass in the transaction's endorsements array. Once we make that edit, we can click Preview:

The function itself does not have the context of any transaction. It knows about {{ now }} and it has access to {{ current_user }}, but if you want it to use data from a transaction you must pass that in via parameter.

Once a function is saved it can then be used across the corporation in any app.

  • Data Views now have a "Used In" section that shows what app panels (in what apps) and suite widgets (in what suite) are using them.
  • Data Views that are in use can no longer be deleted.
  • Timeline widgets can now use a data view.
  • You can create packages to import and export whole suites, similar to packaging of apps. The Administration page no longer has "App Import" and "App Export" nodes: instead there is a "Packaging" node, with tabs to import and export apps and suites.

Note: when importing a suite, make sure that all apps in use by the suite are already present in the corporation.

  • New Action: When NetDocuments integration is configured, NetDocuments - Upload Document action allows for document upload.
  • New type of App Panel: NetDocuments Iframe Panel allows display and interface with NetDocuments, similar to an iManage panel.​
  • ATP mode now has access to the list of an app's fields, in a Liquid object called "fields".
  • When you create a child transaction via Create Related button, all Fields in the child transaction with the same name as one in the parent receive initial values from the parent. Until now. Now this kind of button has an "Auto Copy Option" section.

Note this new feature requires the "Cached Metadata" beta feature and is not available without it.

  • In a Cascading Listcombo, now only the lowest level is able to allow custom entry.
  • A formatting change was made to drop down boxes that impacts an unsupported configuration of multiselect list combos backed by multiselect fields; they'll no longer display commas.

What's New - New Look

  • New choices available in Corporation Settings > System Colors. Users can now customize:
    • Primary Header Logo Background
    • Record Button Color Styling
    • Enable / Disable Quick Launch Button
    • Re-label the Quick Launch Button
    • Hide the Corporation Name in Header Bar
  • To upload a new logo for your environment upload an image titled 'logo.png' in your environment's assets.
  • When using the Global Search feature Favorites and Recents are now viewable in two different pop-out panels.
  • Users can now print top panels and certain tabs on Record pages in a printer friendly format.

For optimal printing use Portrait mode and uncheck Background Graphics.

  • iFrames can now be expanded on a Record page.

New App settings > Tab Styles. Select Regular or Carousel.

  • The Regular tab style is how tabs are displayed by default. Tabs will expand and shrink to fit screen space.
  • The Carousel tab style locks tabs to a fixed width of 200px. Users click '>' to view more tabs. See screenshot below for carousel style:

What's New – End User

  • You can now share your private dashboard grid views. When you have one loaded, you'll see a "Share View" button. This will allow you to send a link to someone else via email; when they follow the link, they'll see the dashboard grid with the same parameters you've set.
  • When you approve for someone ("proxy approval") the dialog box for this will now include a field to set the time.
Hailey Regression 1 - Onit Test

Just as the day is filled in initially with the current day, the time will be set to the current time. You can change this to any date, and now time, in the past.

  • When sending zipped attachments from a dashboard grid, you can no longer send the link to any random email address: it has to be an existing user in your corporation.
  • In the New Look, ​icons for Favorite and Recently Viewed transactions now appear in the header, instead of appearing beneath the search bar.
  • We've added support for NetDocuments integration.​​

Resolved Issues – App Creator

  • Situation: a UI Actions that updates multiple Fields. One of the Fields is a Listcombo. Something went wrong with the Listcombo update so that it was set to some value not normally in its store. Previously in this case any Field update after the Listcombo would not happen: now we have fixed that, so it will.
  • Fixed preview of Series Chart widgets and Portal widgets.
  • Fixed an issue in Rest Request Actions where special characters in the parameters were being replaced with HTML character entities.
  • The Email Sender Display Name for an app can now contain a comma (,). (Previously this would break sending out of emails.)
  • In Postgres mode, the Deleted Transactions grid in the Designer will no longer share the same view as the main app dashboard.
  • Health Check will no longer complain about numeric aggregations of type Count that count system fields instead of custom fields.

Resolved Issues – End User

  • Some Fields are set to be editable on the launch form but not when the transaction is edited later. Previously, when doing certain types of editing involving a popup window, those Fields became editable. Now they won't be.
  • Fixed an issue with the plus button menu in a transaction view page inside a suite, where an app launch link could appear even if the app already had a configured launch in the menu.
  • BelongsTo Fields that are present on an anonymous portal launch will now fail more gracefully.
  • Fixed an issue in the New Look where rows in app panels wouldn't display correctly after clicking through to a related transaction and then backing up.
  • Excel export of a grid in a pie chart widget slice was not filtering correctly when the pie chart was filtering by "My Transactions". Fixed.
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