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Release Notes - November 2020

by David Goldfarb Updated on

November 13 release

What's New: App Creator

  • ​You'll now be prompted for a confirmation when deleting an app that has no records, just the same as for one that does have some.

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • For a very long time now, the Liquid filters combo_display and combo_value worked differently for Listcombo Fields and Combos. We're fixing this: going forward, Liquid will interact with Listcombo Fields in a way that is consistent with the behavior of Combos and Multiselects.
Liquid configuration Old behavior New behavior
{{ atom | combo_display: "listcombo_field" }} Returned stored value Returns display value
{{ atom | combo_value: "listcombo_field" }} Returned nothing Returns stored value
{{ listcombo_field }} Returned stored value Returns display value

Please pay careful attention to that third line. It does mean that some existing configuration will behave differently. For example, if you have a Listcombo backed by a Transaction List Provider and whose value column is the transaction ID, {{ listcombo_field }} will no longer get you that ID: you must use the combo_value filter or a list lookup for that.

We recognize that changing a common configuration pattern can be time-consuming. So there is an option for your corporation to use the old behavior. In Administration, under Corporation Settings, there's now a new tab labeled "Preserve Legacy Behavior". There you will find a checkbox labeled "Listcombo Liquid Logic".

When this box is checked, all the Liquid above will use the old behavior. So you won't need to spend large amounts of time fixing your old configuration. But at least new corporations will be able to do the right thing going forward.

  • When you configure a pie chart, in the drop down menu for label Fields,you'll no longer see MultiCurrency or MultiSelect Fields. They wouldn't work with the widget anyway.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Designer for an app not to load, if it had a relation to an app that had been deleted.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • Fixed an issue where the grid from clicking through a pie chart slice would have no rows, if the label data started with a number.
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