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Release Notes - July 2023

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What's New - App Creator

  • When creating a button group, only buttons that are not already in a group are shown in the drop-down list to prevent a button from being added to two button groups.
  • App builders can now provide translations for Listcombos via the Translation functionality
  • The Mapping Editor will now allow the ability compare date values in Mapping Editor filters, 
  • The Action menu now allows filtering to find specific Actions.
  • In the "Used In" section on configuration forms, Business Rules will link directly to that usage.
  • "HTML Panel" App Panels now have a "Hidden If" field.
  • Admins can now bulk delete Corporation Users. If a user(s) cannot be deleted because they are on an atom then Admins will be given the option to download a list of atoms for all users that were not deleted.
  • Onit Logs can now be retained for up to 3 years. The value can be set via the Logging page in Corporation Settings.
  • "Save and Create New" button has been added as an option on the Create Related form.
  • Blank operators are now supported in Raw Transaction Filters for date/time fields/
  • A new checkbox was added to BelongsTo Fields: Min 3 Chars Before Search. When this is on, users must type-to-filter (at least 3 characters) before seeing any entries in the Field's drop down menu. The checkbox will be enabled by default for new apps.
  • App Panels now have a checkbox to Include Tab Tooltip.
  • Phase Metrics Provider allows Appbuilders to easily setup a Phase Metrics Provider app that can capture Phase data for a specified target app.
    • The Phase Metrics Provider will allow you to reuse an existing app or create a new one for capturing Phase Metrics data
    • Please note that if you are reusing an existing app and already have reports built around your phase metrics data you may need to redesign your reports as all Phase Metrics data will now be in a single app
  • [Forms Builder Only] Show-if formlet now has the operators "contains" and "does not contain" for Listcombo and Combo Fields.
  • [Forms Builder only] Document Folders are able to be added to Quicklaunch and View/Edit forms. Appbuilders can specify the max number of files for the Field. Document Folder fields will allow users to upload multiple files to a single field.

What's New - End User

  • There's now a "Save and Create New" button option for Create Related.
  • The Outlook Add-in i18n can now support translations for multiple languages. Note: Translations for the Outlook Add-In cannot be done via the Translation administration page. New translations will need to be done by the Platform development team. Reach out to your account manager if you have translation requests. 
  • Images in the Activity Panel now automatically resize and when clicked the image opens in a popup window.
  • The height of the View History modal has been increased to allow more rows to be displayed and minimize scrolling.
  • [Forms Builder Only] The filtering experience is now consistent between the Forms grid and the Datamodel grid.
  • [Forms Builder Only] You can now upload multiple files at once on both the Quicklaunch and Atom/record forms.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Daily Schedule business rules will no longer fire when the category is disabled.
  • Forms can now load with translations when there is  a custom Field to show the user's language setting in user profile.
  • Fixed an issue that happened when "View Translation keys" was clicked from the debug menu when the HTML app panel is configured for an app.
  • Fixed an issue with the "retry" button that used to generate an error message.
  • [Forms Builder Only] Popup windows now remain open after an app builder clicks the "Save and close" button if  the save was not successful so the issue can be resolved.
  • [Forms Builder Only] HasMany Field(s) no longer appear on the Editor canvas after migrating to Forms Builder.
  • [Forms Builder Only] The System Label on new Fields now only updates if the system label is blank and has never been given a value (like in the wizard).
  • [Forms Builder Only] You can now delete Fields from the Datamodel that were on a deleted formlet.
  • [Forms Builder Only] Fixed an issue when navigating to the Editor after deleting a form.
  • [Forms Builder Only] Fixed an issue with the comment modal.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Resolved an issue where some records were not showing in quick search results even though the users had permissions for the records.
  • The 1st dropdown option is no longer automatically assigned to the blank combo fields the when user tabs through the editable grid. The Field remains blank.
  • Using the keyboard's escape button no longer closes all open popup windows, only the topmost.
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