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Release Notes - March 2018 - Hotfix

by Angela Gleason Updated

App Creator Features

The Liquid filter "execute_reaction_url" allows people to trigger actions by following links in their email. We've introduced a new parameter to it: "email_recipient". 

When this parameter is used, then the person who received the email link can click it and fire the action without ever having to log in to the system. (Note that if the redirect is 'atom' or 'dashboard' rather than 'message', then the person will have to log in to complete the redirect.) 

You can also use "authenticated_user" here, and that will produce the old behavior, where a login is required before the action can fire. And if you leave the parameter blank, that also will behave the same way it used to.

Bug Fixes

React UI:

  • If you had the same counter widget on two different suite dashboards, and it was in a different place in the layout, then when you navigated directly from one dashboard to the other, the widget might not load properly. Now counter widgets should always display the correct count.
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