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Release Notes - Feb. 2018

by Jonathan Powers Updated

App Creator Features

Provide generated documents with custom names

We've added a new property named Saved File Name to the Generate Document Action that allows App Creators to give documents custom file names. This property supports Liquid.

System Admin Features

Restore deleted transactions' documents

Our Undelete feature now also restores any documents attached to the transactions you're recovering.

End User Features

Edit transactions with ease

We've floated the Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons used to edit a transaction's detail panel so that they're always within reach.

User password security enhancements

Users are now prevented from using their current password when setting a new password. Additionally, if a user fails to enter their current password correctly five times in a row when resetting their password, their account will be temporarily locked.

Other end user enhancements

  • We noticed environments with a large number of apps were acting a bit sluggish so we did some work to decrease initial load times.
  • The Bulk Actions button and its associated checkboxes are now only displayed if Bulk Actions are available for the grid.  
  • When making comments on a transaction, if you'd like a copy of your comment sent to your email you can now select the Send me a copy checkbox in the recipients section of the dialog. 

Bug Fixes

General Platform:

  • Password Field values output by Generate Document and Generate Spreadsheet Actions are now displayed as asterisks instead of plain text.
  • In some cases, Approve and Reject buttons were not appearing for users with delegated endorsements. This issue has been fixed. 
  • We fixed an issue that navigated users who were trying to reset their password to the Change Password page rather than the Reset Password page. 
  • We fixed an issue that caused the Change Log’s Update Metadata feature to fail for app's with Field Tags. 

React UI:

  • Launch Forms were displaying “Launch” as the dialog’s title instead of the app’s name. We’ve fixed this. 
  • A bug caused HTML Fields to steal cursor focus on initial Launch or Edit of a transaction. We’ve fixed this so that a transaction’s topmost Field is in focus first. 
  • We fixed a bug that obscured TextArea Fields on some tabs. 
  • We fixed a bug that caused Listcombo Field values to be filtered incorrectly in some instances.
  • Decimal, Currency, and MultiCurrency Fields now accept decimal points.  
  • Tagged Attachment Fields were not copying documents into the Document Folder panel. This has been fixed. 
  • The approval date for proxy approvals now respects the corporation-level setting for date format. 
  • If a users selects an Approve or Reject button in an email, and they have a Suite Preference in their User Preferences, they are now taken to the transaction within their Suite, instead of outside of Suites mode.

Legacy UI:

  • Updating the value of a Field that filters a Multiselect now clears previously entered Multiselect values.  
  • We fixed an issue that was causing Liquid portal launch to fail. 
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